Yesterday the 3rd TechBBQ was held, and it really was a blast. Not just bigger then ever, filling the massive Copenhagen Opera, but also a great agenda, good talks and good opportunities to meet new and interesting people.

Talks and networking

The event had a very high density of both veteran entreprenuers, tech people, business angels and investors. Almost anyone you talked to was someone who has done something interesting – or something world-changing. It really felt like every serious business angel and serial entrepreneurs in Denmark was in the audience, and sometimes also on stage.

In general, the program on stage consisted of a lot of short but high energy talks. Even if a bit stressed sometimes, it never got boring and a lot of insights where shared – both by new entrepreneurs, investors, angels and seasoned serial-entrepreneurs. Just as earlier year making the talks not just about those that have succeeded, but also giving stage time to new startups and those that are right in the middle of it now, makes for a lot of variation.

Investors corner

Another thing that was very good was the investors corner, coordinated by Martin Bjergegaard. With a lot of both angels and VCs there, it was really easy for entreprenuers to get sessions with them. Well known names such as Northzone and SEED Capital were there, but also Balderton Capital, Blackbox and Wellington Partners. And business angels such as Esben Gadsbøl, Kim Tosti and Tommy Andersen.
A great way to get input into ones business and to build relation for the future. There was a constant buzz in the corner.

Nordic Startup Awards

Not just all this, but during the day the Danish finals of the Nordic Startup Award where held as well. With a lot of exciting winners that will be at the finale in Finland next week:

  • Developer Hero: Jacob Tjørnholm
  • Best Accelerator: Next Step Challenge
  • Founder of the year: Christian Wylonis from Fitbay
  • Best Social Entrepreneurship Tech Startup: Be My Eyes
  • Best Bootstrapped: Washa
  • Best Professional Investor: Accelerace
  • Best Newcomer: Unipegma
  • Startup of the Year: Falcon Social
  • Startup Journalist of the Year: Neil Murray
  • Peoples Choice Award: Bownty
  • And a special award – Pose of the Year: Steffen Kabbelgaard from Betadwarf


You cannot have an event called TechBBQ without a real BBQ. This was held at Rainmaking Loft afterwards, conveniently just next door from the Opera. In the beautiful pre-summer weather this was a blast, and even the beer ran out (but this was quickly fixed). An evening filled with entrepreneurs exchanging advice, talks about funding and reflections on how the scene has changed, just from the first TechBBQ two years ago.

A great event, great work to the entire team organising it!

Image cred to Joel Raucq, used without permission.