Shipbeat files for bankruptcy

Shipbeat, the startup focusing on making shipping easier and better, has filed for bankruptcy. The startup, founded by Kenneth Svenningsen and Joachim Rørbøl, aimed at enabling e-commerce companies to lower there shipping costs and making the solution easier. Making what Klarna has done with payment, but for logistics. “Logistics is costly for online retailers. About […]

Danish startup Fitbay files for bankruptcy and sets off for restructuring

Fitbay is a social media platform that helps consumers find the perfect clothing through following and connecting with people who have similar body types and fashion tastes. The concept is fairly simple: users take pictures of their outfits, tag brands they are wearing and share images in the network. This way their followers get inspiration […]

Tunaspot closing down

Tunaspot, the location based music discovery app, has announced that they will be closing down. In a post earlier this week, it was announced that they will be closing the service. They will also wipe-out all data to protect users privacy. “Tunaspot was the best thing I have done. I think I speak for the […]

Nikolaj Astrup on why he left Ateo

Yesterday Nikolaj Astrup made a powerful and open blogpost announcing his decision to leave the startup Ateo. Ateo, a marketplace for commercial real-estate and conferences, was started in September 2013, and was a spin-off by Martin Thorborgs Amino. The new company, owned in part by Amino, was run by Nikolaj and his companion Mads Bjerring […]

Startup Tools of the Trade: Post-Mortem & Lessons Learned

The “Tools of the Trade” event series, which has had some of the most active entrepreneurs and business angels from the region as participants, is in on it’s third meetup. This time the focus is on failures, as well as post-mortems. On stage will be some very intersting people and ‘fallen heroes‘: Hampus Jakobsson, business […]

Startup post-mortem – Admazely and why it failed

A while ago Peter V. Therkildsen Schlegel wrote an emotional blogpost about the closing of his startup Admazely. A little later Trendsonline did an article about it as well. We missed that story when it came, but we feel that the openness and lessons from post-mortems, especially this one, are always worth highlighting. We have […]

Qubulus files for bankruptcy – founder accuses investors for the failure

Qubulus, a startup working with advancing technology in indoor positioning, has filed for bankruptcy. The company has been working on using radio frequencies for positioning indoors, where GPS does not work. It had a patented solution that gave them one of the best accuracies and cost-efficient technologies. The space might not be in the public […]

Honouring failures @ minc

On the 16th of January 2013 MINC hosts the inspiring MINC/FAIL event for the second time. During this event talks will be held by entrepreneurs about failures and those who attend the event should be able learn from failures made by others. Cajsa Lindberg from Musikhjäpen and Jimmy Lundström from Refine Wiki will be present. […]