Young entrepreneurs: running student startups at Venture Lab

Oresund region without any doubt is one of the Northern Europe’s leading startup hotpots. With several prominent universities the region is rich with young professionals, talented students and recent graduates that are ready to challenge themselves and start their own businesses. However, how does it feel to be a young entrepreneur? To answer the question, […]

“Don’t be afraid to be different,” – an interview with Uniti’s founder Lewis Horne

Do you already know what’s your next car going to be like? Chances are it might be smaller, smarter and environmentally friendlier than you think. That is if you are patient enough to wait for Uniti – the Ingenious Vehicle. Uniti the beginning When Lewis Horne decided to turn his research project at Lund University […]

The Ground – A hub for digital startups in Malmö

Co-working offices have been on the rise in the past couple of years and the Öresund region is not short on them either. This time, we asked Chloe Nauta to explain about The Ground, a Malmö-based co-working space for digital entrepreneurs. Chloe is the Head of Operations at The Ground, making sure that everything runs […]

Interview with Magnus Hultman, CEO of Strossle

Described as “artificial intelligence for media”, Strossle is a service that helps connect content providers with the right audience. Although the startup has its headquarters in Stockholm, Malmö is the place “where the magic happens” according to Magnus Hultman, the founder and CEO at Strossle. We had a chat with Magnus where he shared his […]

Spotlight on Graduateland: Insights from CEO Patrick Lund

Graduateland, a Copenhagen-based startup, aims to build the best talent network for students and graduates. We met one of their co-founders for an interview to find out more about Graduateland’s journey and ambitions for the future. Before Graduateland, an effective system that supported the recruitment of students and recent graduates didn’t exist. This value gap […]

Rainmaking Loft: Offering community and professional surroundings

In the diverse landscape of co-working spaces in Copenhagen, Rainmaking Loft stands out as an interesting addition. After its opening in the beginning of 2015, the Loft has attracted more than 60 startups. This amounts to 320 entrepreneurs who call Rainmaking Loft their home. Rainmaking Loft is therefore effectively the biggest co-working space in Copenhagen. […]

An inside look at Scandinavia’s largest startup studio – FOUNDERS

If you want to have a dedicated “job” as an entrepreneur and build companies 24/7 then a startup studio might be the right fit for you. In Copenhagen this dream could become your reality with Founders who opened its doors in 2012. “Just to be clear a startup studio is another word for startup factory. […]

Worlds First Mobile Commerce Education Starts in Helsingborg

An short interview with Niels Paarup-Petersen, chairman of the steering committee at the new Mobile Commerce Education that will start in Helsingborg this fall. Why does the world need an education in Mobile Commerce? Trade and commerce is just as much as the rest of the world in a monumental shift where the customer’s knee-jerk […]

Swedish innovation compass will help you navigate through innovation jungles

The Swedish Innovation Compass is a digital hub for innovation in Sweden. It is a downloadable app that helps guide users through the complex innovation system in Sweden. Sweden has done a great job of building up the resources in the innovation system, but with that comes complexity. This line of thinking is exactly what […]

Greinon, a company that turns light into intelligent systems

Among a variety of great things that might happen to us when attending university – finding like-minded people and taking opportunities to test our ideas are the most rewarding experiences because they can set a direction for our entire future career path. The founding team at Greinon, Lund-based company that develops intelligent engineering solutions for […]