FORCED, co-op arcade adventure game with puzzles and tactical elements, has been finally released on October 24th! FORCED is developed for one to four players and offers an exciting adventure where you, a slave in one of the toughest fantasy gladiator schools, forced to fight as a gladiator to win your freedom facing deadly trials and huge creatures and being guided by Spirit Mentor.

The project has quite an interesting story how it came to be. Back in 2010 a small group of people founded game developing company BetaDwarf with Steffen Kabbelgaard Grønning as company’s CEO. They later recruited team of nine people and illegally moved into a classroom at a University in Denmark. They managed to work AND live there for the whole seven months without being noticed! After being caught they moved out but decided to stick together in a rented house. In the first two year the team has grown up to 30 contributing developers (follow full story here).

So far FORCED was recognized as the Best Game with 3D graphics by Intel Level-Up 2013 and Best Game Developer of the Year Danish Game Awards 2013. In terms of funding, the first money was raised through a Kickstarter campaign. FORCED has got $65,413 then. Other funding sources include a $200,000 private risk bank loan.

Quite an inspiring story right there and a cool game. Good luck, FORCED!