InRiver PIM (Product Information Management) is a firm that helps webshops to collect data about their products and consequently gathers this data uniformly across multiple sales channels. The firm allows webshops to have consistent product data across all channels, delivering a single view of each product. InRiver received a combined investment of 2.3M Euro from Statliga Industrifonden and Zobito.

“It’s a milestone for the company which means that we can pursue our expansion plans. It supplements both our capital as our competences” Says Niclas Mollin, CEO for InRiver to

The investment will amongst other things be used for an expansion to the USA.

“They have a good grip on the Nordic market. We hope that they can copy the Nordic succes in the USA and other parts of the world, we think that they can grow quickly.” Says Hadar Cars, responsible for the investment at Statliga Industrifonden.