Lundalogik has finalized a deal to purchase the Gothenburg-based Netoptions with their product for digital marketing, BizWizard, according to a press release issued by Lundalogik.

The new acquisition of the CRM company occured only six months after the acquisition of the software company RemoteX (current name: Lime Field) this year.

“We will help organizations to gather all information and communication linked to customers in one system. This will make it much better for companies to take care of their customers. CRM and e-marketing are a perfect combination”, says Erik Syrén, CEO of Lundalogik.

The acquisition shall enable effective and entire solutions to be extra relevant in accordance with the EU’s data protection regulations, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which comes into force in May 2018 and sets more strict requirements on how companies deal with personal data. This shall create good opportunities for Lundalogik, since many companies become in need of viewing all personal information in one system.

With this deal, Lundalogik creates an entirely new e-marketing branch in Gothenburg and doubles the number of developers by a further direct recruitment. Netoptions product BizWizard will be available as an independent product for existing customers.

“Customer care, sales and marketing are growing more and more and we are pleased to join Lundalogik. We have a common culture and share the same views on customer focus. Our partnership enables us creating fantastic offers together”, says Daniel Strömer, founder of Netoptions who shall assume the role of product specialist at Lundalogik.

Lundalogik has been owned by Monterro since 2014, which expects that Lundalogik is going to be one of its most successful investments.

“Lundalogik has been in a very strong and steady growth since 1990. With the purchase of the product RemoteX, we realized that we can effectively integrate new companies into the business. This allows us to grow, even faster in the future, both organically and through strategic acquisitions, “says Peter Larsson, partner at Monterro and current Lundalogik’s Chairman of the Board, in a press release in this connection.