Skåne tech scene adds jet fuel – Malmö Startups expands

Malmö Startups announces today the recruitment of two local startup ecosystem talents to lead Malmö Startups and help drive faster growth and innovation for the startup community in the south of Sweden: Lovisa Nicklasson and Jeremie Poirier. The two recruits will work hand in hand, serving as Co-Heads of Malmö Startups and will report directly […] receives millions in capital as investment, a danish startup has received capital from renowned investors and is expected to be a big step towards building a stronger foundation of the bus industry. The startup plans on expanding to other European markets with this capital influx. has developed an algorithm that calculates the price for the desired trip when the customer has entered […]

Shipbeat files for bankruptcy

Shipbeat, the startup focusing on making shipping easier and better, has filed for bankruptcy. The startup, founded by Kenneth Svenningsen and Joachim Rørbøl, aimed at enabling e-commerce companies to lower there shipping costs and making the solution easier. Making what Klarna has done with payment, but for logistics. “Logistics is costly for online retailers. About […]

Airhelp raises impressive € 10.8 million round

AirHelp, the startup focusing on making claims from delayed flights easy for everyone, has raised over € 10 million ($12 million) in Series A funding. The funding comes from a group of investors and big names, including Khosla Ventures, Evan Williams (co-founder of Twitter, and CEO at Medium), Naval Ravikant (co-founder of Angellist), Jimmy Maymann […]

Coinify raises € 3.5 million from SEB Venture Capital

Fintech-startup Coinify has recoived an investment from SEB Venture Capital. “Coinify is a blockchain payment company with the mission to bridge the gap between emerging blockchain and traditional finance industries. The fact that our current investors are joined by a classic, yet very visionary bank dating back to 1856, sends a strong message to both […]

November First offers warrants as payment to employees

Mikael Langseth Nilsson, CEO & Founder of November First, is using a new system to compensate his employees for their work. Instead of offering high salaries, the employees of November Firs are offered stock options in the company. While this is a method widely utilized in the USA, implementing it in a Danish IT company […]

French carmaker acquires majority stake in Autobutler

PSA Group, Europes’ second biggest carmaker behind the brands Peugeot, Citroën and DS — has acquired a majority stake in auto-repair marketplace Autobutler. Autobutler, founded 6 years ago by Christian Legêne and Peter Zigler, lets car owners get car repair quotes online from garages in Denmark, Sweden, U.K. and Germany, thus bringing greater transparency to […]

Copenhagen­ based startup uses sharing economy to bring biking to the world

The Donkey Republic bicycle­sharing service expands globally with an € 1,5 million investment from The Danish Growth Fund and the Luxembourg­based venture capital fund Howzat. Donkey Republic is setting up to disrupt urban transport around the world, with a business model not relying on public subsidies. Instead by using an AirBnb­ like model, bike owners […]

A game-changing week for the region

This week has seen some truly big announcements for this regions gaming scene. The biggest, was Unity’s announcement that is raised € 165 milions – and it thus became a “unicorn”, valuing the company at over 1 billion USD. This is a big milestone for the entire region, having a startup from here that has […]

Be a part of Camp Ven

Last summer Mindpark invited 50 entrepreneurs to be a part of an unconference on the beautiful and exotic island Ven. They wanted to give the startup community in Øresund an extraordinary event and a summer camp with entrepreneurial minds from the community and beyond. Ven is not that far away (there is still Wi-Fi) but […]