Making stuff and making stuff happen

This is a shout out to all the creative people in Malmö, or better yet, to everybody outside Malmö as well. October 19th-21st, this weekend, it’s time for the fourth installment of Hacknight at Stpln (Stapelbäddsparken). The event is really a group effort showcasing the Malmö creativity scene, where crafts such as textile work, laser […]

Likemind – Copenhagen

Likemind is a monthly coffee talk with random young professionals with no particular agenda. The initiative started off in New York by two individuals of which one shared a blog invitation for the meet up. 20 people showed up and the initiative grew from that day onwards. Likemind now hosts events in Europe, South America, […]

Incentive secures SEK 3 million to take on the American market

The Malmö based company Incentive has recently taken it’s first round of funding of SEK 3 million. The funds will be used to market their corporate collaboration software towards the American market. Says founder and CEO Rickard Hansson: “Primarily, what we want to do, is to convert the close to a thousand downloads per month to […]

Crunchfish and Parkster nominated for Guldmobilen

Both Crunchfish and Parkster have been nominated for Guldmobilen. Crunchfish for best innovative product, with their gesture and eye-tracking based UI for phones, and Parkster in the most useful category, for their smart idea and good approach to making parking easier. Being nominated together with companies such as iZettle and previous winners such as Toca […]

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Let’s get StartupBus to Copenhagen

This is StartupBus: In 2010, 25 entreprenuers got together on a bus in San Fransisco, headed to Austin, Texas for the annual SxSW Conference. What was unusual about this bus trip was that the passengers set out to create a startup together during the three day bus ride. What was first a fun thing amongst […]

Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2012

On the 14th of November, the Danish entrepreneurship awards will be held in Fredericia. The entrepreneurial spirit of Denmark will be celebrated by an estimated number of 5000 visitors from all educational systems. The event will have a focus on innovation and creativity, a competence which seems to give start-ups a competitive edge in today‘s […]

Everplace wins QPrize competition and €100K

Everplace won the European QPrize competition. Arranged by Qualcomm Ventures, the first price is €100 000 in convertible note funding and also the opportunity to participate in the Grand Finals competition. The Grand Finals offers an additional chance for $150 000 in prize funding. Winning the European competition will certainly help Everplace forward, both with […]

Open API from the danish Ministry of Finance

Just a short news story – the danish Ministry of Finance released a press release today that they will be working for an open API for the basic information on citizens and companies, such as addresses and company registration numbers. This will hopefully enable more interesting services and startups to emerge, who can use the […]

A tribute to failing @ MINC

On the 3rd of October, MINC held an open session about failure in the startup scene. It was a somewhat ad-hoc event: it was nearly canceled until they decided it would be held anyway. In the end roughly 150 people turned up – and a great mixed crowd, not just regulars from MINC and nearby […]

Startup Sauna @ MEC

Media Evolution City will host the first Startup Sauna at october the 11th. The concept is shared with other cities in nothern Europe and Russia. Startups are given an 3 minutes pitch, where they can pitch there business idea and get honest and brutal feedback. Read more about the concept at the official event site. […]