“Don’t be afraid to be different,” – an interview with Uniti’s founder Lewis Horne

Do you already know what’s your next car going to be like? Chances are it might be smaller, smarter and environmentally friendlier than you think. That is if you are patient enough to wait for Uniti – the Ingenious Vehicle. Uniti the beginning When Lewis Horne decided to turn his research project at Lund University […]

Find local startups events of the week

Want to join a startup community, meet interesting and like-minded people? Here’s some selected events for upcoming week in the Greater Copenhagen Area. Skåne MALMO Will Machines Take Over? Critical Tech Meetup Will machines rule the world? How many workplaces will be overtaken by machines? The ability of computers to recognize patterns and learn their […]

Touchize – a solution that will save mobile e-commerce

Mobile traffic is increasing exponentially, and according to a number of reports it has already surpassed computer-based traffic. However, even though more people are browsing the net via phones, still only few end up doing purchases on mobile devices. This indicates a large gap and a potential that many online merchants are concerned about. Malmo-based […]

Steps – an app to overcome social anxiety

Designed to push your comfort zones and overcome fear, Steps is an app that helps people deal with social anxiety. Created by Fabian Ehlert and Rikke Koblauch, this app is available on the iOS app store. In just 3 short days after its launch, the app got featured by Apple under ‘New Apps We Love’. […]

Startups from Skåne that innovate future

Skåne has always been a place of innovation. Firms here regardless of size have always been working hard on cutting-edge technologies to push the world forward. The famous Bluetooth and the first artificial kidney are a few the best examples of how innovation from Skåne could shape the way we live. After all, those are […]

PayLane is Integrated with DNB

Polish Startup PayLane is  integrated with DNB.  Now the Nordic customers of DNB bank can use SEPA direct debit to make transaction.  Online payment service provider Paylane is integrated with DNB, Norway’s biggest financial service group.  It is good news for Scandinavian merchants who have DNB bank account. They can make transaction within the SEPA […]

Join the interesting local events this week!

Want to join a startup community, meet interesting and like-minded people? Here’s some selected events for upcoming week in the Greater Copenhagen Area. Skåne My Most Important Lesson as a Tester – ConTest The event will focus on getting and insights and starting a discussion about tests. Participants are free in talking about what they […]

Lund-based Cloudcom acquired by OMMH Scandinavia

The Lund-based startup, Cloudcom, was recently acquired by Swedish It-company OMMH Scandinavia. OMMH (One More Mediahouse) Scandinavia is a media company, specializing in smart web-based business solutions. Through the integration of Cloudcom’s SMS platform, OMMH Scandinavia will further develop their own Bestsms service providing better communication between businesses and their customers. Through their cloud-based app, Cloudcom offers an […]

Malmo-based platform for monitoring online comments took in second investment

Malmo-based Ifrågasätts is a startup that works on a platform for comments that helps pages increase interaction with and among their readers as well as takes care of hate messages and similar low quality comments. The service consists of a plugin for news sites that enables serious, fact-based article comments without giving a possibility to […]

Øresundstartups during 2017 and onward

A short message from me, Karsten Deppert, initiator of this site: With changes happening to Trendsonline and it being closed down, I felt it could be good to give an update on what happens here on this site. I have for 2017 decided to renew oresundstartups and it’s focus – it has been not improved […]