Simpliday is a Malmo-based company that has developed a service that combines a calendar and reminders in one app. Since the time of launch about two years ago, Simpliday has built a good ecosystem around the service and even launched the service in Canada about a year ago, where the service started to grow a solid user base. Present investment of 7,1 mln SEK will help the company with further growth and a launch of service in the US, writer DI Digital.

Simpliday is built with an intention to give users a better overview of their personal commitments, but also allow them to ask for commitments from other people. The combination of a calendar and reminders feature make the app a perfect tool for a good team work.

“And when it comes to productivity, the US market is worth a lot,” – explains Johan Gunnars, the founder and CEO, Simpliday’s ambition to launch in the US.

The investment money comes from existing investors Pia Althin and Ulf Ljunggren as well as Wellstreet, led by previous Klarna chief Mikael Wintzell. It is also partially financed by a 1,8 mln SEK load from ALMI Skåne.

“For us the investment choice was obvious for two main reasons. First is a strong team behind Simpliday and the exceptional user experience of the service. We see both as phenomenal. Add to that an ambitious expansion plan and a successful beta phase with interesting business models, it becomes clear that the journey ahead with Simpliday will be a very exciting one,” – says Michael Wintzell.

When it comes to Simpliday’s financing history, the company managed to get a total of 16 mln SEK in 3 financing rounds. For Johan Gunnars this is a sign that their team is on the right track, as only a handful of Swedish startups get so much capital without first releasing the product to the market.