Copenhagen startups reap great awards at European Venture Contest

Excellently summarized over at Dare, Do!, there where a lot of Danish companies doing very well at the European Venture Contest 2012 in Berlin. 2 out of the top 10 companies (Conferize and Falcon Social) where from Copenhagen and another 3 of the Top 25. Conferize Falcon Social Graduateland The Eye Tribe Biosyntia It’s great […]

Accelerace invests in Conferize

TrendsOnline reports that Conferize, the online plattform for conferences, has just recieved and investment by Accelerace Invest. How much is not dislosed, but it’s rumoured to be a “decent six digits” euro sum. Conferize has been getting alot of attention lately, and they seem to be going strong and getting more paying costumers onboard. In […]