Crunchfish’s Gesture Control software will be used in Epson’s Smart AR Glasses

The Malmö based technology company, Crunchfish has announced a partnership with Japanese electronics company Epson in its recent press release.  It means Crunchfish’s gesture control software will be used in Epson’s smart AR glasses for industrial use. Epson is one of the world’s leading provider of AR glasses for industrial use. Epson Group has 93 companies […]

Startups from Skåne that innovate future

Skåne has always been a place of innovation. Firms here regardless of size have always been working hard on cutting-edge technologies to push the world forward. The famous Bluetooth and the first artificial kidney are a few the best examples of how innovation from Skåne could shape the way we live. After all, those are […]

VR / AR tech startup Crunchfish goes for IPO

Crunchfish, the touchless tech startup, has earlier announced it will aim for an IPO at Nasdaq First North. Crunchfish has build a tech that fits both the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality need for controlling devices. From selfies to virtual worlds Its technology, using hand-gestures to control devices, mostly mobile phones, started out being used […]

Crunchfish partners with Lenovo

Big news for Crunchfish. The startup focusing on touchless technology and proximity based sharing has announced a contract with Lenovo. The electronics giant will use Crunchfish’s technology to control a new series of devices with gestures, instead of touch. Touchless YOGA Tab 3 It is the YOGA tab series were the newest model will have […]

Crunchfish takes in more funding to work on a new technology

Malmo-based Crunchfish took in three million kronor (320 000 euro) investment from Anders Blomkvist, former President of Skanska Byggvaror, making him company co-owner, reports 8till5. The money will be allocated towards the development of a new service – proximity-based connectivity software between users. The new application is called aBubbl, and it opens up for dynamic […]

Crunchfish raises € 3 M – american angel joining investors

Crunchfish, the company behind GoCam, has raised a third round of angel funding for further expansion of the team. Their touchless interaction technology as well as a novel social sharing innovation will drive the company forward. With this investment Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ken Thom joins the team of investors, and it is also the first […]

Touchless selfies: Gesture controlled photoapp from Crunchfish

Crunchfish, the touch-less technology startup, released today the GoCam iPhone app that lets you take photos without touching the phone. It also lets you record videos, without needing to press a bottom or holding the phone. The app is a different step then their usual approach – making it more as a technological showcase then […]

Erghis Sphere wants to change how we type and interact with devices

Startup Erghis just announced a crowdfunding campaign, with the aim of creating a new way to interact with computers and phones. Touchless is something multiple startups in the region are working on, such as Crunchfish and The Eye Tribe. But Erghis solution is not a new technology for reading touchless signals, but rather the user-interface […]

Updated: The year of 2013 – investments in startups in the region

We wrote an update earlier this year, about investments during the first two quarters of 2013. Now it has come to make a summary of the fall as well, and thus the entire 2013. Above is a spreadsheet with all the investments that we have gotten to our attention during 2013. Disclaimer: There are, most […]

Øresund Startups: Top50 and state of the region

Today I held a short lunch seminar on the subject of the most prominent startups in the region. The seminar was held because I was asked to do it, and when I thought about it I realized would be interesting to do. So I did, even if it was with a limited amount of preparations […]