Copenhagen­ based startup uses sharing economy to bring biking to the world

The Donkey Republic bicycle­sharing service expands globally with an € 1,5 million investment from The Danish Growth Fund and the Luxembourg­based venture capital fund Howzat. Donkey Republic is setting up to disrupt urban transport around the world, with a business model not relying on public subsidies. Instead by using an AirBnb­ like model, bike owners […]


If you have a spare bike standing around collecting dust, why not rent it out, be a part of a shared economy and have a positive impact on the environment? This is the vision of Donkey Republic, who just launched a kickstarter campaign to initiate their concept of AirBnb for bicycles. “We bring together the […]

AngelNext – connecting promising startups with good business angels

The second AngelNext has been held, this time at the newly opened Rainmaking Loft, with 13 startups and 15 veteran business angels participating. It is an event that will be held continuously, and is an initiative of both #malmostartups and #cphftw – the first event was held in Malmö in february. The concept had been […]