More Funding for GoMore

The funds keep on rolling in for Scandinavia’s biggest carpolling and  peer-to-peer car rental platform GoMore. After their launch in Spain, which doubled their userbase to over 500 000 users, the Danish startup has also increased their funding by an undisclosed amount in millions of Danish kroner. Update: speculates that it is 10 million […]

GoMore Launches in Spain

GoMore, Scandinavia’s largest platform for carpooling and private car hire, has just bought the Spanish carpool service Amovens. This will double their user-base to over half a million, as well as granting GoMore a brand new market in Spain, which the company’s director, Matias Dalsgaard, recognizes as the first of many steps in a major international expansion. GoMore has been helping Danes […]

A great follow up for Nordic Growth Hackers

For the second time, Nordic Growth Hackers opened the doors to Founders House in Copenhagen and invited all interested individuals to an open event about online business and marketing. “Growth hacking is a very large and very interesting tool box, that you can apply to your online business” says Morten Elk, Founder of SimpleSite, presenter of the event […]

GoMore Reaches 200,000 Members

More big news for GoMore, Denmark’s largest platform for private car hire and car pooling. After revolutionizing car ownership last month, the company have just reached the 200,000 member mark. The company receives on average 15,000 members per month and numbers continue to soar. So much so that GoMore’s co-founder and current CEO Matias Dalsgaard […]

GoMore Revolutionizes Car Ownership with new leasing concept

GoMore‘s new leasing concept means that you can now lease a car for 6 months, renting it out 8 days of each month when not in use, to make a full return on your payment. Basically – lease a car for free! The Danish platform for private car-leasing is eager to get this show in […]