Spotlight on Graduateland: Insights from CEO Patrick Lund

Graduateland, a Copenhagen-based startup, aims to build the best talent network for students and graduates. We met one of their co-founders for an interview to find out more about Graduateland’s journey and ambitions for the future. Before Graduateland, an effective system that supported the recruitment of students and recent graduates didn’t exist. This value gap […]

A tool for startups:

We got news about a service being developed by two local guys which is relevant for online marketed focused startups: SEORanking ( A sleek and simple to use service, free for basic use. It differs from other SEO tools at both its simplicity and its freemium business model. Unlike most other similar tools, it has […]

Graduateland expands with and gets new CEO

Graduateland, Europe’s largest career network for students and graduates, has last month announced a big change: co-founder and CCO Patrick Lund replaces Jens Reimer Olsen in the role of CEO of the Graduateland. Jens Reimer Olsen will instead focus on the launch of their new service: is a platform that helps users to […]

Startup Village officially opened – #svlaunch

On friday the official opening of the Startup Village Copenhagen took place. Startup Village has been in the talks since before the summer, and most startups have actually already moved in during the summer. But last week was the official opening. Above you can see the some footage of the opening ceremony, where Zenia Francker […]

Copenhagen Startup Village revealed!

There really is something brewing in Copenhagen! Founders House, an invite only co-working space, has for long been the most known startup palces in Copenhagen. This week it was announced they will move to a new location. But this location will not just be a much larger and grander Founders House – it will also […]

Updated: The year of 2013 – investments in startups in the region

We wrote an update earlier this year, about investments during the first two quarters of 2013. Now it has come to make a summary of the fall as well, and thus the entire 2013. Above is a spreadsheet with all the investments that we have gotten to our attention during 2013. Disclaimer: There are, most […]

Øresund Startups: Top50 and state of the region

Today I held a short lunch seminar on the subject of the most prominent startups in the region. The seminar was held because I was asked to do it, and when I thought about it I realized would be interesting to do. So I did, even if it was with a limited amount of preparations […]

Updated! Report: investments in web and tech startups in the region – spring 2013

Updated 24-07-2013! After the publication of this we got feedback of more investments that we hadn’t tracked! We have now updated the stats with those numbers. If more information comes to us, we will update them again! One of the things we want to focus on with Øresund Startups is tracking funding in startups in […]

Graduateland receives investment by Accelerace

Graduateland, the startup focusing on job listings at Universities all over Europe, just announced an invest by Accelerace. Trendsonline breaks the news, and the investment is in “the millions” (DKK) according to their sources. Update: ArticStartup reports that the investment is “in the millions in Danish Kroner, but in the [hundred-]thousands in Euros”. Trendsonline reports […]

Tech BBQ – a great day for the startup scene

Yesterday TechBBQ 2013 was held. Despite the name, the focus was not so much on BBQ, but rather on tech – a whole day in the historical halls of Børsen, with some of Denmarks most successfull entrepreneurs. The lineup was extensive – with a great mixture of both new startups and successfull startups. The day […]