Startup Village officially opened – #svlaunch

On friday the official opening of the Startup Village Copenhagen took place. Startup Village has been in the talks since before the summer, and most startups have actually already moved in during the summer. But last week was the official opening. Above you can see the some footage of the opening ceremony, where Zenia Francker […]

Virtual lab for teaching life science

The startup Labster creates life science teaching through a virtual lab. The platform is an engaging and creative teaching tool with great potential and has won several industry awards. Now Labster is ready to take it to the next level with Virtual Reality. Guest post by Line Svenstrup Berger in our support for Founders House. […]

Copenhagen Startup Village revealed!

There really is something brewing in Copenhagen! Founders House, an invite only co-working space, has for long been the most known startup palces in Copenhagen. This week it was announced they will move to a new location. But this location will not just be a much larger and grander Founders House – it will also […]

What happens in the EdTech scene – EDUdisrupt

Today Innovation Centre Denmark organised the EDUdisrupt conference. It was a day packed with both academia, corporates and VCs as well as a lot of startups and tech. An interesting mix, and a collection of people that not meet regularly. The day consisted of many short keynotes, raging from the more historical perspective on where […]

Labster qualified for the international Elance BIG IDEA Competition

Labster has won Elance pre-rounds to qualify for the Elance BIG IDEA international competition. Over 800 startup worldwide will participate in this event on February 6th. has reported on the five finalist from Denmark that ran in the national competition: Labster, Ateo, M-PAYG, Discue and Roadrunner. They were pitching their ideas and innovations and […]

Gaming in the Lab – Spotlight on Labster

TechCrunch has written about the educational gaming virtual lab, Labster this week with the launch of Labster 2.0. The next-generation lab simulator is being offered free, available now in summer before school starts. Øresunds Startups got some insights into Labster late last year, in an interview with with COO, Tobias Aabye Dam. The Copenhagen startup […]

Entrepreneurial insights from labster

LABSTER is an online teaching laboratory simulator for experimental biology and biotechnology. They tap in the growing field of online education and provide virtual experiments which aren’t possible in school surroundings. The firm won the Danish Venture Cup in 2011 in the category “people and society.” Øresunds startups asked Tobias Aabye Dam, the COO of […]