Mofibo acquired by Storytel for € 13.5 million

Mofibo, the online book streaming service, announced last week that they have been acquired by Storytel. The deal is worth 100 million DKK, € 13.5 million. Mofibo was founded in 2013 by Morten Strunge, who previously in 2011 sold his company Onfone to Danish mobile operator TDC, and also just was in the news for […]

The former investment manager of SEED Capital proceeds to Templafy

Jakob Ekkelund has extensive experience in startups. In recent years he has worked as Investment Manager at SEED Capital, but will now proceed to the Copenhagen- based startup Templafy according to Trendsonline. Ekkelund will take on the role as COO, performing tasks such as budgeting and responsible for the company’s growth. “I didn’t plan to change workplace. It’s […]

SEED Capital Makes Record-Breaking Profits

SEED Capital, the most active venture capital fund in Denmark which has over 70 startups in its portfolio, has reported record-breaking profits in the last year. This success is mainly credited to developments within the portfolio. The recently published report also shows a total of four exits undergone in the past year, including Contera Pharma, Libratone, Sense and […]

A great follow up for Nordic Growth Hackers

For the second time, Nordic Growth Hackers opened the doors to Founders House in Copenhagen and invited all interested individuals to an open event about online business and marketing. “Growth hacking is a very large and very interesting tool box, that you can apply to your online business” says Morten Elk, Founder of SimpleSite, presenter of the event […]

Updated: The year of 2013 – investments in startups in the region

We wrote an update earlier this year, about investments during the first two quarters of 2013. Now it has come to make a summary of the fall as well, and thus the entire 2013. Above is a spreadsheet with all the investments that we have gotten to our attention during 2013. Disclaimer: There are, most […]

Riidr launches subscription called Riidr one

Recently Riidr launched its subscription offer which they believe fits better with the customer’s reading habits. Riidr One is a combined subscription to both e-books and audio books. For only 69 kr per month, they offer their subscribers to read the beginning of more than 6,500 e-books and audiobooks, and each month to choose one […]

Updated! Report: investments in web and tech startups in the region – spring 2013

Updated 24-07-2013! After the publication of this we got feedback of more investments that we hadn’t tracked! We have now updated the stats with those numbers. If more information comes to us, we will update them again! One of the things we want to focus on with Øresund Startups is tracking funding in startups in […]

Success before launch: Mofibo receives a six digit euro investment from SEED Capital

Mofibo, a Danish start-up that offers brand new e-book serivce, has received a six digit euro investment from Venture Fund SEED Capital. Led by serial entrepreneur Morten Strunge, Mofibo will be launched in summer of 2013 but has already been predicted to have a bright future, reports Trends Online. Along with such services as Spotify […]