Social Icebreaker app Plane hits 1 million Messages

After launching in San Francisco in March, the social app Plane hits a messaging milestone and garners press from across the globe, including the LA Times, as well as tech features such as Product Hunt and a global feature by Apple. Plane offers a simple yet refreshingly clean approach to social communication, and the ephemeral […]


This Thursday #CPHFTW once again opened the doors for the massively successful Townhall event. KPH Volume had been filled with the traditional sitzkartongs, and by the time the event kicked off at 18.30, the large venue was packed with over 800 excited entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. The 6th edition of Townhall had put the question […]

Plane – an icebreaker app for expats in Scandinavia

As exciting and interesting it is to live abroad, this experience often comes with challenges. For example, communication, contact and building of relationships can be quite a pickle in a new place. Plane is an icebreaker app for expats in Scandinavia built to solve exactly those challenges. “We built Plane to address an itch I […]