Bonnier acquires Planeto

Today it was announced that gaming startup Planeto was acquired by media giant Bonnier Publications. The startup has since 2012 had a deep collaboration with Bonnier, which led to the the mighty popular Science Illustrated Quiz Battle game. The game has been downloaded by 25% of Denmarks population, and 4 M in total in the […]

#cphftw Town Hall 4 – A Great Event!

Yesterday it was time for #cphftw Town Hall meet-up #4. This was by far the best event in the series, and also the different – in a number of ways. 1000+ people in Christiania The setting was something uniquely Copenhagenesque – the venue was inside the free town of Christiania, in ‘Den Grå Hall’. Having […]

Øresund Startups: Top50 and state of the region

Today I held a short lunch seminar on the subject of the most prominent startups in the region. The seminar was held because I was asked to do it, and when I thought about it I realized would be interesting to do. So I did, even if it was with a limited amount of preparations […]

Interview with Martin Walfisz – serial entrepreneur with an eye for games

When it comes to entrepreneurs in this region Martin Walfisz is one with the most gaming focus. His past as founder of Massive Entertainment (best known for games like Ground Control, World in Conflict, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Far Cry 3), which was acquired by Activision Blizzard and later sold to Ubisoft, has given him […]

Planeto’s Quiz Battle #1 in the app store and impressive numbers

Planeto, the online knowledge startup, has had a very interesting start and made some successful pivots. The current strategy, creating an online knowledge base, is assisted by gamification methods: first games for the web, but now with a focus on games for mobile devices. Their latest game, Science Illustrated Quiz Battle, managed last week to […]