DrugStars – global patient movement with venture investment

Just imagine that by simply taking prescribed medication, you provide a donation to patient associations. This is the main concept that stands behind DrugStars, a Danish company founded by former professor of social pharmacy Claus Møldrup. To support the project, SEED Capital and former CFO of Pandora and business angel, Henrik Holmark invested millions in […]

ERNIT has raised 700,000 USD in funding

ERNIT has just raised a seed round of 700,000 US dollars (4.8 million DKK). The two investors behind the funding is Denmark’s biggest funding company SEED Capital and Danish bank Spar Nord.  The Copenhagen-based company is very excited about the investment.  According to ERNIT, it will use the funding to optimize both the digital and […]

Relinklabs receives funding from SEED capital

Relinklabs, a Copenhagen-based startup receives funding from SEED Capital to automate the recruitment industry. The three founders of Relinklabs have developed a technology, which can recognize patterns enabling them to discover and predict how we move about on the labor market. This technology’s benefits were observed by the new investor. “Relinklabs solves an exceptionally time-consuming problem […]

Bookingabus.com receives millions in capital as investment

Bookingabus.com, a danish startup has received capital from renowned investors and is expected to be a big step towards building a stronger foundation of the bus industry. The startup plans on expanding to other European markets with this capital influx. Bookingabus.com has developed an algorithm that calculates the price for the desired trip when the customer has entered […]