THINK Accelerator welcomes seven new start-ups as their Spring Batch

Think spring batch Øresund Startups

Building a business from the ground up is without a doubt an adventurous and challenging endeavour – so why not getting help from experts in giving start-ups the right toolkit to enter a new phase? The Øresund region – with its innovative scene perfect for fresh entrepreneurs – is also the home of several accelerators […]

Startups from Skåne that innovate future

Skåne has always been a place of innovation. Firms here regardless of size have always been working hard on cutting-edge technologies to push the world forward. The famous Bluetooth and the first artificial kidney are a few the best examples of how innovation from Skåne could shape the way we live. After all, those are […]

A crowdfunding campaign to revolutionize home security. Interview with Sensative

Sensative is a Lund-based company that has created the thinnest magnetic sensor for home alarm systems among currently available products in the market. The sensor, that is just 2,98 millimeters thick and has impressive battery lifespan of 10 years, works as an active and invisible intrusion alarm. It also enables users to know whether they […]

Sensative from Lund is looking for international partners and working on crowdfunding campaign

Sensative is a company that produces window and door sensors that are just 2,7 mm thin and have life expectancy of about 10 years. The purpose of these sensors is to keep track whether doors and windows in the building are open or closed. The company is based in Lund, Sweden, and it has already […]