Growth in Templafy leads to change in management

Success and growth of Templafy, has lead to a change in management of the startup. Former chairman of the board, Jesper Theill Eriksen is now the new CEO of the company and Preben Damgaard has replaced him as the new Chairman of the board. Along with these changes in roles, former CEO and co-founder Christian Lund will […]

Templafy attracts further capital and talent

Templafy, a startup focusing on branding and compliance solution for enterprise documents, has raised more funding. The startup works with simplifying how companies create, manage and share document templates and personalizes them for every employee. The investment comes from both new and existing investors and brings the experienced entrepreneur, Preben Damgaard, onto the Board. The […]

Templafy becomes market leader by solving document anarchy

“Everyone creates a ton of documents, presentations and spreadsheets every day, but no one really uses the latest company templates. Instead new stuff is build on top of whatever is on peoples desktops. Or maybe on something nice from a few years back. Unfortunately this is exactly how most organizations end up in document anarchy.” […]

The former investment manager of SEED Capital proceeds to Templafy

Jakob Ekkelund has extensive experience in startups. In recent years he has worked as Investment Manager at SEED Capital, but will now proceed to the Copenhagen- based startup Templafy according to Trendsonline. Ekkelund will take on the role as COO, performing tasks such as budgeting and responsible for the company’s growth. “I didn’t plan to change workplace. It’s […]

Templafy Win Traction of the year at US DEMO

The Danish startup, Templafy,  has added yet another prize to its long list of achievements by winning the Traction award at the DEMO event held in the US. The firm offers an enterprise template management solution, enabling brand and communication managers to ensure brand consistency and legal compliance in all employee-produced business documents. After receiving […]

Battle of the Nordics – what happened at NSC

Missed the Nordic Startup Conference? Here is what happened. The conference, held for the first time, had set the ambition high – to gather leading investors and entrepreneurs in the Nordics, and have a day full with talks, panel discussions and, of course, pitches. The high ambition were achieved. Keynotes included venture capitalist Max Niederhofer […]