“Don’t be afraid to be different,” – an interview with Uniti’s founder Lewis Horne

Do you already know what’s your next car going to be like? Chances are it might be smaller, smarter and environmentally friendlier than you think. That is if you are patient enough to wait for Uniti – the Ingenious Vehicle. Uniti the beginning When Lewis Horne decided to turn his research project at Lund University […]

Swedish electric car startup Uniti has a successful crowdfunding run

Uniti is bound to reinvent the automobile through its high-tech, sustainable and socially responsible city car. They are now in the process of bringing in 500,000€ through the online crowdfunding platform FundedByMe. Uniti started as an open innovation research project at Lund University and has grown to a workforce exceeding 20 people. The idea is […]

There is a new car in town

“It should feel like driving a spaceship, the founder of Uniti, Lewis Horn, says, in an interview with 8till5.se And the electric car they’re building is not far from it. Unity has a steering wheel that is more like a joystick, an entirely electronic steering system, and a recognition function, that would allow the car […]