Veridu receives an investment from a leading provider of risk reducing services

After secured an investment from the Worldpay early this year (see report), Veridu has just received a new investment from Global Risk Technologies.  The investment sum is not disclosed but described as “significant”. Dublin-based Global Risk Technologies is a leading provider of risk reducing services in the payment industry.  It expects this collaboration would help itself grow progressively […]

Veridu secures investment from Worldpay

In a world that has moved online, how do we make sure people are who they say they are? This is the problem Veridu is addressing, with a solution based on advanced algorithms, and social media. The company has created a way to score the trustworthiness of an identity, and this has attracted the attention […]

Veridu wins PayExpo’s “Future of Payments” in London

Two-year-old startup Veridu could very well hold the key to the future of secure payments. Right from the get-go the company has focused on bringing trust to online businesses, and the jury at PayExpo’s “Future of Payments” conference agree: Veridu was named 2014’s ‘Winning Innovator’. Veridu offers a service that enables verifying online profiles. It’s […]

Veridu for online identity check

Veridu is a company that provides global identity services based on digital footprints. Its main focus is making strong authentication friendly and useful for such businesses as couchsurfing, online dating, youth communities, social games etc. It is often the case that in order to complete online transactions, customers are required to upload an image of […]