June 2018

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Skåne Innovation Week
  • Top 50 startups in the region
  • Rails Girls Beginners Workshop with It University cph
  • Rails Girls Beginners Workshop with It University cph
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • WWDC 2018 Streaming Event
  • Closing the Gaps with DevOps - DevOps Skåne
  • Alchemy For the Modern Computer Scientist
  • WWDC 2018 Keynote and Barbecue
  • Visionsfonden Coaching Session at THINK Open Space
  • Mindpark Community Lunch
  • SN developer Sweden meetup in Malmö
  • What is Data Science and what tools are there? - Hands On Data Science
  • Event Sourcing in Ruby using Sandthorn - Malmö.rb
  • Future of Work & Education - Augmented by Technology - #ICDK18
  • Hardware Meetup: Energy Harvesting and Product Data Mangement
  • Mapping the Job to be Done
  • Mapping the Job to be Done
  • First Wednesday Malmö Meetup - Smart Contracts
  • Science & Cocktails: How an Enlightened Approach to "Illegal" Drugs Will Revolutionize Medicine and Science
  • The state of AI and the need for AI law and ethics
  • Open Pitch at StartupLabs
  • Learn Kubernetes - Best practices and showcases
  • Managing Testing based on Sessions with SBTM
  • Robots, ethics and news in the world of data
  • Learn & talk about Configuration Management
  • Become a Power Mentor, Training Session (June 7th)
  • Start-Up Business Innovation Hackathon - Vol. 2
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • Women in Entrepreneurship Breakfast MALMÖ - Monday June 11th
  • The Ultimate C# meetup with Mads Torgersen and Jon Skeet
  • Rails Girls Copenhagen - Project Group
  • Cluedin - learn how to start, grow and fund a machine learning startup
  • The State of Communities 2018
  • 101 Docker and Kubernetes - DevOps Skåne
  • Visionsfonden Coaching Session at THINK Open Space
  • How Can Startups Embrace Influencer Marketing?
  • Electric Moped try out!
  • Mindpark Community Lunch
  • Masters of AI and Machine Learning 2018 (by Bilagscan)
  • Kvinder der Styrker 2018
  • Coder Dojo
  • Talk Business! Språkcafé för företagare
  • Practical Machine Learning: Start using ML at your company tomorrow
  • First steps with Drone CI
  • Human amortality. Science fiction or becoming science fact within our lives?
  • Everything Windows User Group Meeting, June 2018
  • CODE LUNCH - Mindpark Tech w. Tretton37
  • Preseed Academy. Founders and teams - how to get the right mix for your startup
  • How to be GDPR compliant
  • Scaling Agile and Having Fun in a Highly Regulated Industry
  • June Ruby Meetup - Hack Night
  • Laravel 1 & 101 - Laravel Skåne
  • Multi mentor meeting - HackYourFuture & CoderDojo
  • Building your elevator pitch using LEGO® Serious Play® method
  • Breakfast Brief - News from tech giants: Google and Apple.
  • Gå-hjem-møde: Automatisér din virksomhed
  • Copenhagen Tableau User Group
  • CPH Female Entrepreneurs - Co-working afternoon for creatives
  • Vælg Den Rigtige Virksomhedsform
  • Getting started with R - Hands On Data Science
  • Techstars Startup Weekend Copenhagen Fintech #CPHSW
  • Global DevOps Bootcamp 2018 @ Copenhagen
  • Techstars Startup Weekend Copenhagen Fintech #CPHSW
  • Techstars Startup Weekend Copenhagen Fintech #CPHSW
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • Copenhagen Fintech Week Regulation Day
  • Visionsfonden Coaching Session at THINK Open Space
  • Mindpark Community Lunch
  • Utopisk Fika! - Snacka om kreativitet!
  • Introduction to Docker for Developers
  • Designing well-behaving custom UI for iOS - CocoaHeads Malmö
  • Java10 - Bridging the Gap Between Database & Stream - JavaForum
  • Whispr AI and guiding workers by voice: helpful or mind control?
  • CocoaHeads Malmö: June
  • ELSEWHERE: Retro Game kväll på #pixlapiren
  • CPH Female Entrepreneurs - Networking & coffee for female entrepreneurs
  • Happier and More Productive with GraphQL
  • Entrepreneurial talk and tour
  • CoDe Café in Allerød - all day gathering
  • Life sciences entrepreneurship in Denmark: What does it take to make it?
  • Mindpark Community Summer Mingle
  • Virtualisering: Danske Google-stjerner med nyt programmeringssprog
  • Foodtech Solutions: An Open Source Community
  • Build a dapp, deploy it with the loom network or just join and code with us
  • VR Game, Location Based VR Experiences and Props @ Bolverk Games
  • Hardcore Learning - ConTest
  • Copenhagen Fintech Week Demo Day
  • Fintechgration | 7x7 Pitch Event by CMP - Capital Markets FinTech
  • Startup Programme: Grill & Chill
  • People Geekup Copenhagen
  • A Developer Primer on Blockchain
  • Graph Technology: Algorithms, Analytics & Visualization
  • National Startup Competition 2018 - Award Show
  • From idea to app - do's and don'ts when going from idea to app
  • Big Data Denmark - deep learning meetup
  • Lets get our Copenhagen Biohacker Social Circle Started!
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • React Native June Meetup
  • HIC International Office - Drop In!
  • Startup Law: Equity Investments
  • Mindpark Community Lunch
  • CopenX Sessions @Khora VR - #2 Immersive tech in Art
  • Rails Girls Copenhagen - Project Group
  • Make the compiler sweat, chill in runtime - Malmö C++ User Group
  • Fuzz testing in Rust
  • Action in Mind - A Neural Network Approach - barrel.ai
  • Service Modelling workshop
  • CopenhagenJS June Dinner
  • Climate-KIC Nordic : Final Greenhouse Event
  • Introduction to Quality and Testing in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • SPBG ERFA møde omkring European Collaboration Summit og ’Livslang læring’
  • Angular in 60 Minutes - Crash Course
  • Friday Focus & Pitch: What’s Up Photonic?

Events for the Danish and Swedish startup scene in the Copenhagen region

We believe that sharing information about events is an important part in building a great danish / swedish startup community. Events are a way to meet other entrepreneurs and important people in the eco-system, they can create publicity about your startup, and they can be valuable occasions for gaining knowledge and insights.

Here we list events that we know about in the Copenhagen and Øresund region. If you are missing something, contact us and we will add it if it is relevant. Also, if you are a event organizer or an event-space that hosts many gatherings, talk to us and we can see if we can find a way to conviniently keep us up to date for each upcoming event.

Our hope is to be able to provide a comprehensive event calendar for any entrepreneur in the region: be it Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg or any of the other cities.

This calendar is actually made up of a couple of different calendars: