September 2019

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • HBG: Every week! StartupLabs
  • HBG: Workshop - Ta teamet till nästa nivå
  • Azure Cosmos DB with Mark Brown
  • Public Speaking Workshop - Learn how to give your first tech talk
  • HBG: Visionsfonden Open Sessions - THINK Open Space
  • HBG: Synch Law: Pop-Up Office at Open Space
  • HBG: Fråga En Arkitekt
  • HBG: CoderDojo! Programming for kids
  • Self-Sovereign- and Global Trade Identity
  • HBG: Code Lunch w.tretton37: Machine Learning in Practice with Peter Heiberg
  • Hvordan er "legaltech" ikke disruption?
  • Techfestival: The Future is Paid
  • Techfestival: Designing for Meaningfulness
  • Techfestival: Corporate x Startup
  • Techfestival: Foodtech
  • Techfestival: Can Technology Help Build Trust?
  • Techfestival: Urban Mobility Summit
  • Techfestival: Public Data Summit
  • Techfestival: The Whole Earth Catalogue, Revisited
  • Integrationslunchen!
  • Techfestival: The Nordic Way – A Global Technology Narrative
  • Techfestival: How Can Media Companies Continue to Engage Millennials, Gen Z and Soon Gen Alpha?
  • Techfestival: Our Healthcare is Sick: Can We Co-Create a Cure?
  • Techfestival: Ethical AI - Actioning a Nordic Stronghold Together
  • Techfestival: Digital Self-Care: Progress or Paradox?
  • Techfestival: Foreign Policy, Tech and Rights in The Digital Age
  • Techfestival: Dixa Connect: The Future of CX is Conversational
  • Techfestival: Demo-hour: 3 Technologies You Should Know About
  • Heterogeneous development on a homogeneous IBM i platform
  • Global AI Night - Skåne Azure User Group
  • Techfestival: Fuckup Nights: Women In Tech’s Failure Stories
  • Techfestival: Startup Dojo – Getting to your Next “Do” Moment
  • Techfestival: Global Tech for Local Food
  • Techfestival: Research x Business: Together We Thrive!
  • Techfestival: Malmö.rb & Copenhagen.rb: a Joint Ruby Enthusiast Meetup
  • Techfestival: Stop talking, Start experimenting! Hands-on with Emerging Tech
  • Techfestival: Fintech Meetup: How to Integrate and Accelerate Fintech
  • Techfestival: Augmenting Sustainability: Using Augmented Reality to Educate the Masses
  • Techfestival: Meredith Whittaker (US) – AI, Power and Accountability
  • Techfestival: Marko Ahtisaari (FIN) – Art and AI
  • Techfestival: New Metrics for Startup Success
  • Techfestival: Shermin Voshmgir (AUT): The Complexities of Designing Blockchain-based Ecosystems
  • Techfestival: Aza Raskin – Co-founder Center for Humane Technology
  • Techfestival: Community Leadership Summit
  • HBG: Forskningsfrukost: Drömmen om den enkla organisationen av och med Nils Brunsson från Uppsala universite
  • Techfestival: Food Chains Summit
  • Techfestival: Technology and Healthcare – A Marriage Made in Heaven
  • Techfestival: Startups x Corporate: A Clash of Cultures
  • Techfestival: From Moore’s Law to the Carbon Law: Impact Tech and the Climate Moonshot
  • Techfestival: Token Economics
  • Techfestival: Sustainability Summit
  • Techfestival: Internet of Production
  • Techfestival: Internet of Production
  • Techfestival: Tech’s Supermassive Black Hole: Understanding and Measuring Impact
  • Techfestival: Ethical Design in the Age of AI
  • Techfestival: Govtech Summit
  • Techfestival: Guiding Principles for a Truly Open Data Set
  • Techfestival: Design Materialisations
  • Techfestival: The Future of Work: Imagining the Ideal Work Life
  • Techfestival: Designing the Future of Work, Transformed by Technology
  • Techfestival: Future Technologies for the Growing Food Demand
  • Friday Fight Box
  • Techfestival: Meet the Founders – with Arielle Pardes from Wired
  • Techfestival: Mozilla & Open AI: How a data commons and collaborative technology can democratize speech recognition.
  • Techfestival: AI & ML – Removing The Hype
  • Techfestival: AKQA Creative Cagefight
  • Techfestival: Endings
  • Techfestival: Coworking
  • HBG: Every week! StartupLabs
  • A Dynamic Edge Proxy with HTTP, TCP and no Hands! DevOps Malmö
  • HBG: Visionsfonden Open Sessions - THINK Open Space
  • HBG: Fråga En Arkitekt
  • NLS Days HealthTech VIP-Event
  • Introduction to (Latent) Gaussian Processes - Hands On Data Science
  • JavaForum – JakartaOne Livestream Streaming
  • HBG: Intercultural Open Sessions
  • HBG: Cowork lunch for Mindpark coworkers
  • Hvad kan forskning bidrage med til dansk fundraising?
  • Learn from the best: Karina Bergstrøm Larsen
  • GOTO Night with Kresten Thorup and guest speaker
  • 5th Elixir Meetup, Code Kata - Elixir Malmö
  • Index-Free Log Aggregation
  • The Design of Everyday Things (Part 1/3) // CPHUX Book Club
  • Fremtiden for revisorer og bogholdere - Muligheder og udfordringer
  • HBG: Breakfast for Mindpark Community
  • Black Friday prep. and our transition to the cloud
  • FooCoding: Women - FooCoding: Newcomers
  • HBG: Every week! StartupLabs
  • Fewer Better Retailers
  • Symetri BIM Forum 2019 - Copenhagen
  • HBG: Visionsfonden Open Sessions - THINK Open Space
  • Nordic-China High Tech Week 2019: Startup pitching competition
  • HBG: Synch Law: Pop-Up Office at Open Space
  • HBG: Fråga En Arkitekt
  • HBG: CoderDojo! Programming for kids
  • Improving your data visualizations with ggplot2
  • Teal open space: New Work is Emerging
  • HBG:Frukost m. affärsnätverket FEMTON
  • Growth Hacking Power Session by Growth Tribe at TechBBQ
  • ELSEWHERE HBG: A Sustainable Tomorrow
  • Innotalk: Kunstig Intelligens - Danmarks muligheder og udfordringer
  • Sit back and let AI test your code
  • HBG: Free Pass Day
  • Growth Hacking Power Session by Growth Tribe at TechBBQ
  • CPH Web Fest 2019
  • Why you should love Rust as well...
  • Women in Entrepreneurship Roadshow Copenhagen
  • CPH Web Fest 2019
  • TEQ Helsingborg
  • Women in Entrepreneurship Roadshow Copenhagen
  • CPH Web Fest 2019
  • CPH Web Fest 2019
  • HBG: Every week! StartupLabs
  • Ken Klausen: How Lunar Way has Innovated the Regular Bank Experience
  • HBG: Visionsfonden Open Sessions - THINK Open Space
  • HBG: Fråga En Arkitekt
  • HBG: KROKI - Kom och Teckna!
  • CBS Blockchain Society presents: Business Blockchain with Deloitte
  • SRE vs DevOps
  • HBG: Intercultural Open Sessions
  • HBG: Workshop: konflikthantering & sammarbetskultur
  • SDG Birthday by Sustainable Change Makers
  • Startup Dojo
  • Launch party for
  • ”I hate agile!”
  • HBG: Every week! StartupLabs

Events for the Danish and Swedish startup scene in the Copenhagen region

We believe that sharing information about events is an important part in building a great danish / swedish startup community. Events are a way to meet other entrepreneurs and important people in the eco-system, they can create publicity about your startup, and they can be valuable occasions for gaining knowledge and insights.

Here we list events that we know about in the Copenhagen and Øresund region. If you are missing something, contact us and we will add it if it is relevant. Also, if you are a event organizer or an event-space that hosts many gatherings, talk to us and we can see if we can find a way to conviniently keep us up to date for each upcoming event.

Our hope is to be able to provide a comprehensive event calendar for any entrepreneur in the region: be it Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg or any of the other cities.

This calendar is actually made up of a couple of different calendars: