November 2018

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Tech Talk #20: Balancing Data Collection and Personal Protection
  • Introduction to Version Control Systems with Git - Hands On Data Science
  • Model-View-Presenter with Angular
  • Peak into the GraphQL future within Laravel
  • Halloween Friday Bar
  • Sitecore User Group Denmark
  • #UserTribeFriday
  • Caféskolan!
  • CSE November Start-up Hackathon
  • Matrikel1 Bar & Cafe Weekend Launch Party
  • Caféskolan!
  • Matrikel1 Bar & Cafe Weekend Launch Party
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • Succeeding with Cloud in the Enterprise
  • Sell or Die: How to improve your sales
  • Developer Security Pitfalls
  • Teknikpyssel och programmering för tjejer 9-11 år - Geek Girl Mini
  • UX Research Debate
  • Truth in the Age of Information
  • Visionsfonden Open Sessions at THINK Open Space
  • Code Lunch Malmö: Self-contained Systems: In Practice with Per Ökvist
  • Cowork Lunch for Mindpark's coworkers > Hälso Edition
  • Når kunstig intelligens møder virkeligheden. Gratis for alle
  • Jonas Svensson - Why We Fail On Innovation
  • Windows containers, Kubernetes in the enterprise
  • Stanford GSB: Entrepreneur Needs Discovery (DFW)
  • Meet-up for Russian Entrepreneurs
  • IBM Where Technology meets Humanity
  • Think Copenhagen - Where Technology meets Humanity
  • From Data and Brain Science to Experience and Behaviour
  • Spontanrådgivning m.Almi
  • Community Breakfast Mindpark
  • StartupLabs VentureLab
  • VR and AR for the professional user
  • BLOXHUB & Innochain Pre-Conference Workshops - Practice Futures
  • Trafiklab meetup i Malmö!
  • Softfunding for startups - how to succeed with crowdfunding
  • Last Mile Blockchain Decentralization
  • Copenhagen React November meetup!
  • Pecha Kucha Night #34
  • Techella
  • Webstep Kompetensbio Malmö -Robotic Process Automation och AI!
  • Get value from your data with Google Cloud
  • UX and Product Design meetup by Trustpilot and Women in Tech DK
  • Transaktioner i decentraliserade blockkedjor
  • Soundboks' succes med content marketing
  • Rockin'Tech: Where Business meets Technology
  • WHY UX? Podcast 1 year anniversary
  • Helsingborg Startups at THINK Open Space
  • HACK4DK 2018
  • NLP Seminar: Prof. Jörg Tiedemann - Natural Language Inference with Multilingual Supervision
  • Fastai deep learning for coders lesson 3
  • HACK4DK 2018
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • Myles Borins - Adventures in Ethical Computing
  • Design Sprint – how to develop products faster
  • Blockchain: Self-sovereign identity, Sovrin Trust Framework and Hyperledger Indy
  • Figma Happy Hour
  • Startup Coffee Malmö
  • Sikkerhedsdag 2018
  • UX Meet & Greet at Ørsted
  • Visionsfonden Open Sessions at THINK Open Space
  • Roadshow "The Digital Future of your Hotel" | Copenhagen
  • How IBM, Microsoft and Datapult understands Artificial Intelligence
  • CoderDojo Hbg - Programming for kids!
  • Anomaly Detection in IoT - Hands On Data Science
  • FemTalks: Våld
  • Don Reinertsen: An Introduction to Second Generation Lean Product Development
  • Copenhagen Coding Noobs #1 Noobs Unite: Start Coding
  • CluedIn and IDA Present: Data Talks
  • #BlueGrowth – inspirationsdag for startups og vækstvirksomheder
  • Finance Day at ITU 2018
  • Föräldragrupp med fokus på karriär
  • StartupLabs NyföretagarCentrum
  • Ruby Talks Night at Karnov
  • Fastai deep learning for coders lesson 4
  • Tips og tricks om messer for iværksættere
  • Connecting for Connected Health
  • Trendspaning om AI – med Hampus Jakobsson
  • Coldfront community day - ML Extravaganza
  • Lær at analysere (nye) aktier med Spotlight Stock Market
  • Fuckup Nights Malmö Vol.3
  • Hack your career
  • Angular testing… but faster
  • Hvilke børsnoteringer vil give størst afkast?
  • Game Developer Meetup
  • Tips og tricks om messer for iværksættere
  • The Bridge Interview #5 with Jesper Brodin
  • Likemind!
  • Learn Unity Video Game Development (PAID)
  • SPBG Office 365 Dev Camp 2018
  • Helsingborg Startups at THINK Open Space
  • Tech & Tonic: You Got Five Senses
  • Seminar: Prof. Yulan He, "Emotion Ranking and Emotion Cause Detection from Text"
  • Housewarming @ AI Startup
  • Learn Unity Video Game Development (PAID)
  • 4+ Great Tech Talks, 1 Afternoon: Special GOTO CPH Meetup
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • Women's Entrepreneurship Day
  • November's special edition
  • Visionsfonden Open Sessions at THINK Open Space
  • Innovation Skåne Business Advisory
  • The Digital Growth Path
  • Coworking Lunch Mindpark Community
  • Demo Day @ BioInnovation Institute
  • Startup Nationen 2.0: Vær med til at gøre iværksætteri til en folkesport
  • Meet-up for Russian Entrepreneurs
  • The Game Assembly Special - Malmö C++ User Group
  • Vernissage med utställning om narkotika
  • Breakfast & Ideas
  • Open Door session #5 – Exclusive feedback from experienced investors
  • Undgå GDPR-bøder for persondata i dine e-mails og dokumenter
  • Business Coaching w. export focus
  • Spontanrådgivning m.Almi
  • StartupLabs THINK Accelerate
  • CODE LUNCH - MINDPARK TECH w. tretton37
  • VentureCup Mässa!
  • Startup Investments w. Lassen Ricard
  • Collaborate on new markets: Oracle & BotSupply
  • Everything Windows User Group Meeting, November 2018
  • Integrationslunchen
  • Lunch Time! An Overview of IoT Security
  • The Future of Sustainability @ AAU Copenhagen
  • Redefine love to reinvent relationships
  • Establishing a Cloud Analytics Platform
  • SheTech: The Coding club vol.3
  • Startup Weekend Malmö - Maker
  • Helsingborg Startups at THINK Open Space
  • X-Mas Sweater Friday Bar with +Impact Accelerator
  • Friday Fight Box
  • ITU Copernicus Satellite Hackathon
  • Elm - Functional programming for the frontend
  • Startup Weekend Malmö - Maker
  • X-Mas Sweater Friday Bar with +Impact Accelerator
  • ITU Copernicus Satellite Hackathon
  • Startup Weekend Malmö - Maker
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • Integrationens betydelse för kompetensförsörjning
  • Creative Business Cup Global Finals
  • Legal Tech Today, Tomorrow, and When That Tomorrow Will Actually Arrive
  • Morgenbriefing: Rank Zero - Sådan bliver du fremhævet på plads #0 i toppen af Google!
  • Startup Coffee Malmö
  • Symposium: Protein-Membrane Costructures: Structure, Function, and Targeting
  • Visionsfonden Open Sessions at THINK Open Space
  • HIC at THINK Open Space: Drop-In Sessions!
  • Bioagora
  • Økonomisk Ugebrev Biotech: Kvartalskonference Q4 2018
  • CBS Talks: Marianne Dahl Steensen, CEO Microsoft Denmark & Iceland
  • Milleniumdialogen - Rekrytering via Sociala medier
  • HBG Business Community MEET: IKEA
  • Intraprenøren
  • Finissage: Grönsaksbaletten
  • CoderDojo Hbg - Programming for kids!
  • Why Penetration Testing Sucks - Critical Tech Meetup
  • Riding the founders rollercoaster!
  • StartupLabs NyföretagarCentrum
  • Student Startup Matching
  • Intraprenøren
  • UX Meet & Greet at Maersk Digital
  • Growstack Build at Symbion
  • Compassionate Cities - EmpaTech
  • Blockchain Implementations with ARYZE & EY
  • Free Pass Day @ Mindpark
  • Att göra upphandling m. Helsingborg Stad
  • Tech Talk #18: A Promising Road Ahead: Exploring Blockchain Technology
  • Women in Tech - Empowering everyone for a career in tech
  • Show me the money! En snabbkurs i kreativt företagande!
  • Startup Dojo - by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs
  • MalmöJS November Meetup at Joint Academy
  • Helsingborg Startups at THINK Open Space
  • AW for Mindpark coworkers

Events for the Danish and Swedish startup scene in the Copenhagen region

We believe that sharing information about events is an important part in building a great danish / swedish startup community. Events are a way to meet other entrepreneurs and important people in the eco-system, they can create publicity about your startup, and they can be valuable occasions for gaining knowledge and insights.

Here we list events that we know about in the Copenhagen and Øresund region. If you are missing something, contact us and we will add it if it is relevant. Also, if you are a event organizer or an event-space that hosts many gatherings, talk to us and we can see if we can find a way to conviniently keep us up to date for each upcoming event.

Our hope is to be able to provide a comprehensive event calendar for any entrepreneur in the region: be it Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg or any of the other cities.

This calendar is actually made up of a couple of different calendars: