We have a new venue, new partners, new events, new team and new tech. Are you ready for the resurrection?

Upcoming events  …

17.30 Wednesday, December 1
Introduction to Neo4j, the Data Science Graph Database by the group Data Science Malmö.

17.15 Thursday, December 2
Innovate with Cloud Native and Open Source on Azure at Azure Skåne event  Microsoft Ignite Watch Party.

17.30 Monday, December 6
DevOps Malmö are doing an event about A Simple Explanation of SPF, DKIM and DMARK and it’s roll for email

17.30 Tuesday, December 7
You might have seen this new feature on your iPhone and want to learn more. Fun iOS Development with SwiftUI

17.30 Wednesday, December 8
Cryptonite presents The Bitcoin Journey. A Hands on Voyage of Discovery

16.00 Friday, December 10
Foo Quiz Challenge, Team up and join this challenge between companies.

17.45 Tuesday, December 14
How to become a better speaker … that’s what Malmö Toastmasters are doing. Join them and learn to become a better public presenter.

17.00 Thursday, December 16
Our last event for 2021 is  Foo Bar by Foo Café. Come and hang out with like minded people. This is a social event where engineers, entrepreneurs and enthusiast meet and discuss.


17.30 Tuesday, January 11
E-Learning vs On-site Learning by EdTech Malmö

 Take the opportunity to see some good presentations on our youtube channel.

Remember to keep an eye on our brand new website for more events. They are constantly being published and things don’t always make it for the newsletters.
/Michael, Baraa, Sofia & Nea