Serial-entrepreneur Casper Blom reports that he has invested in the startup Drinkster. This makes Casper the second investor in Drinkster, after previous investment by Jesper Buch. How much he invests in the startup has not been disclosed publicly.

Drinkster, who specialize in making it easy to order drinks and services for bars, have had a solid growth since their start. Earlier it was reported that they had held over 2 millions orders thru their system, and that they now cover almost all major cities in Denmark.

Casper Blom, about how he got involved:

“Jesper called me and said he had made ​​a new exciting investment, but that everything called online marketing and optimization on their website was quite bad. I took a look at it and saw that it was completely crazy, and decided to help them – and I have been following them since then, for I see great potential in the team and their product”

“I’ve seen many entrepreneurs start, and it’s quick to see who has potential and who doesn’t. Therefore I decided now that I wanted to be part owner of the company. I believe a lot in the project – it’s a win-win-win concept, the customer gets cheaper drinks and enjoys it, the bar, like those from bar rentals, gets early costumers that it would have had hard to reach otherwise, and Drinkster makes some money of it. It’s win all around. Especially with the great new app for iPhone and Android we now have.” he continues.

Earlier this fall it was also reported that Drinksters’ new suggestion features gave them a lot of social traction, with over 40 000 social notifications in just the first 3 days.

The product, and the team behind it, is something we will continue to keep an eye on. If plans exist for expansion outside Denmark is still unknown to us.