What does this co-working space focus on?

The E-commerce Park of Sweden is a place were all kind of e-tail businesses are located. The complex consist of a shared co-working space with over 80 offices, as well as a shared warehouse.

Here both small and big online retail businesses have their offices. It has in the short time since it’s start become the physical place for e-commerce in the Nordics, being an entry point for both newcomers as well as international brands that want to expand to Sweden.

To leverage and grow the e-commerce sector there is also an e-commerce incubator. Here 10 startups with international ambitions are accepted yearly, to gain a fast track for growing their business.

Office and workspaces options:

Desk: Open desk, from 1000 sek per month
Office – small: Office for smaller e-commerce business. From 2000 sek per month
Office – large: Office for larger e-commerce business. From 4000 sek per month
Warehouse: contact them directly

All includes internet, printing, meeting spaces and acces 24/7. A company of warehouse flooring installlers were hired to install anti-slip flooring to the warehouse.

Contact information for office and work-spaces

All questions about the park are welcome at: info@ecommercepark.se

For more information about the e-commerce park of Sweden see the official co-working page.