Map of Øresund with major cities circles

Where is Øresund?

Øresund is the area where Denmark and Sweden are the closest. It is also known as the greater Copenhagen area, but has it’s name from the Øresund strait that runs thru and divides the countries. The region is special because of Copenhagen being located so close to the border – the Swedish side is more or less Copenhagens eastern city parts (even if all Swedes would not agree with that statement). The region is both Danish and Swedish, and goes from Malmö to the south to Helsingborg in the north. The biggest cities are: Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg and Lund.

Øresund Startups

Our aim is to enable a better community for startups and entrepreneurs in the Øresund region – to get a more integrated region that can grow towards it’s full potential. We focus mainly on startups in the bigger cities on both the Danish side (Copenhagen) and Sweden (Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg) We are constantly adding more startups, co-working spaces and other information that is relevant for the community. We are also listing events as we are informed about them, and are generally reporting on news we think are of interest for our readers. Are we missing something – tell us about it! What is a startup? Read more about how startups (and funding) works.

Open News Manifest and Creative Commons news?

We made in the fall of 2013 our news and articles Creative Commons licenced (CC-BY). This means that anyone can republish them, either for private or commercial use. Our only requirement is that it is attributed to this site. Read more about that on the Open News Manifest page.

Who we are

Øresund Startups is a voluntarely driven organization that aims to improve collaboration in between entrepreneurs and to promote successfull startups in the region. We are the following individuals:

How are we funded?

We aren’t. This site is run on a volunteer basis by us. Some of us are students, others are entrepreneurs and others of us just nice people who have a lot of love for the startup scene. But we are not getting paid for this, and do our best to cover as much as possible and stay up to date. We have advertising on the site, but that is given away for free to local Startups to help promote them. Read more in our advertising section (if we would get enough interest to get paid in the future, we would not complain however… )

Lectures and seminars about startups

If you are interested in knowing more and having a presentation on the startups in region or startups and entrepreneurship, you can talk to Karsten Deppert. He gives lectures and holds workshop on the matter. Contact him for details and prices.

If you are an event organizer

If you are involved in events, either on a one-off basis or ongoing at any of the multiple event spaces in the region, we can give you access to our calendar. Just contact us, and we will set up an easy solution – we believe that there are alot of great events in the region, and want to help them reach as many relevant participant as possible!

If you are a government official

Hey you, if you reading this and working at a state run organization or for one of the municipals in the region – and you think we do a valuable job that contributes to the growth in the region – we would like to talk to you!

If you want to work with us

We sometimes have open internship positions or openings for volunteering for us as journalist. Check this page and see if there is an opening at this moment.

Other errands

If you want to contact us for any reason, you can use one of the following adresses: General inquiries: Editor in chief: Help and contributions are always welcomed!