The Øresund region has a lot of creative, extraordinary and special co-working spaces. Located in all parts of the region, some of the different specializations and some just very cool, the region has a lot to offer.

So check out the co-working spaces that are listed on this site!

Here we are listing some of the most interesting. New ones are however popping up regularly, so we cannot promise to have them all listed here, even if we are trying our best! We list co-working space in all the major cities in the region: Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg, and Lund.

We try to list them with pricing as well as other useful information. The sizes of the co-working spaces also vary a lot, and too small ones we have chosen not to list. At some of the co-working spaces, there are also incubators or accelerators – if that is the case we try to list that as well.

We also list co-working spaces that have a focus on the creative scene, and not just startups, such as København Projekt Hus, or the very designed Mindpark co-working space, or the very specialized E-commerce Park.

If you want to get an overview over more of the co-working spaces on the Swedish side, then you can check out these special sites, focusing on co-working Malmö, co-working Lund and co-working Helsingborg.