The audience of this site are startups and entrepreneurs in the Øresund region. The most succesfull startups in Copenhagen, Malmö and the region are listed here.

If you want to be seen on our site please contact us on:

If you are a startup in the region, we are happy to help you get along. For that reason we have a special deal, where startups can advertise on our site for free for a 6 month period! So if you have something that needs exposure (and who doesn’t need that!) then let us know as well on!

We also try out products from startups that are in the advertisement business. Right now we are trying out the Swedish startup Kickadss advertising module (lower left on the front page). We have also been working with Swedish startup Flattr and their micro-donation system.

So far this site has had a total revenue of € 504.28 from advertisement and Flattr (something we aim to increase in the long run).