Mindpark is a co-working space that has multiple locations in southern Sweden.

There are four different Mindpark in the Øresund region:

In Helsingborg it is located in Fabriken1891, In Malmö it is located in the Business district Hyllie and in Slagthuset, where Goto10 is also located, and in Lund in the old town city center. Besides in this region Mindpark is also in Gothenburg.

What does this co-working space focus on?

Mindpark is open to all kind of companies, but the fashionable interior has a natural appeal to more creative companies. But here both IT, design and consultancies can be found.

Office and workspaces options:

Flex: Open desk, but you have to clean it before you leave. There are lockers included.
Fixed: Large deskspaces, with adjacent lockers.
Offices: from 1 to 20 people

All includes internet, printing, meeting spaces and access 24/7.

Conference centers
Mindpark is besides coworking also places that focus on events, meetings, and conferences. Their main conference centers are located in Malmö and Helsingborg. With their unique style of practical and creative conference rooms, it is possible to host both smaller meetings, meet-ups and bigger events. The facilities are used for both startup and corporations, as well as innovation teams and the public sector.

For more information about Mindpark co-working space see the official co-working page.