February 2017

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Accelerace Talks: AI To Make Startups Smarter And Boost Their Business
  • How to Contribute to the Linux Kernel
  • King Fireside Chat
  • Something Something Cyber with Troy Hunt
  • UX Meet up on Bastard User testing
  • Learn Microsoft SQL Server
  • Bootstrapping Your Web App Startup with Meteor, React and Redux
  • ProductTank Copenhagen - Momondo
  • @IMNetwork Copenhagen - Global Hub For Startups, Entrepreneurs & Investors.
  • Business Intelligence and beer #1
  • Drinkabout @ Café Sommersted
  • Codher: Getting Started with Front End Development
  • Pitch Training prior to Speed Matching Event - CPH
  • CIO Challenges for 2017 – Enterprise Architecture Challenges - NEA Öresund
  • Ups'n'downs: En iværksætter taler ud
  • CoDe Café on the Phlow
  • Interaction Design in Automotive - Creating a Blank Canvas - IDF Malmö
  • Scala Coding Session: Akka Actors (contd.)
  • Venture Cup Mentor-Startup Speed Matching Event - CPH
  • Umbraco Meetup (København)
  • Release Party - Introducing the Orb
  • Use of Customer Insights for Innovation
  • February Ruby Meetup - Hack Night
  • Ladies That UX: Panel; How to get that awesome job?!
  • #accelerateCPH Pitch Day
  • Copenhagen Tableau User Group
  • GOTO Night - Making Sense of Microservices
  • FuckUp Nights Copenhagen | VOL. XIV
  • Elm Malmö - Second Meet-up
  • PostgreSQL at 10 TB and Beyond
  • Functional and Reactive Domain Modelling
  • Ionic pop-up event - ngVikings Ionic night
  • OpenITU: Recommended for You - Can AI Give Us What We Want?
  • Silicon Drinkabout @ Australian Bar
  • Here’s your job in 2030 - Warp meetup
  • Mobile Heights Toppenmorgon – Digitalisering – En föreläsning med Bo Andersson från EFL
  • Code & Cocoa
  • Fundraising basics: from angel to VC rounds
  • Flow-based programming [Node-RED] - Critical Tech
  • CocoaHeads Malmö: February
  • Chatbots Meetup Copenhagen #2: Share your story
  • How to create a database in Microsoft Sql Server
  • 10 Inte Uppenbara Tips till Testare
  • AI - Visit to the company JourneyXP
  • Go 1.8 Meetup and Release Party!
  • Tech & Tonic
  • Silicon Drinkabout @ Kølsters Tolv Haner
  • Pink Programming Night Malmö
  • Programmering för barn - Sportlovskurs
  • LaTeX bascis Workshop
  • Use of Customer Insights for Innovation - ProductTank Malmö
  • Data binding, DiffUtil, and architecture
  • How to Say Goodbye to Your Startup
  • GOTO Night - Functional Programming and Static Type Systems
  • Implant Tech and Human Hacking - Smash the Stack
  • Women In Games - South Sweden, Kickoff Meeting
  • Copenhagen Elixir and Erlang Meet Up, February 2017
  • ElkanLab: Habit design
  • Meetup IOTpeople Community
  • SpilBar 33: Diversity is not a Checklist!
  • How to Perform DDL,DML,DQL,Constraints,Operators and Cascading in MS SQL SERVER
  • SPACE10: What Works
  • Startup Dojo- By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs
  • CopenhagenJS February Meetup
  • Virtual Revolution Copenhagen
  • Google Hash Challenge @Trifork
  • UX / UI Design Meetup #2 - Design processes
  • MF#K + CopenhagenR: Machine Learning with F# and R (with 2 × F# MVPs)
  • Silicon Drinkabout CPH @ Fermentoren
  • IPFS Demos and Chat
  • Hangout at Cryptohagen
  • February Meetup - Creative Conversation Workshop
  • Startups Pitch Internships and Student Jobs
  • Using WordPress as a powerful marketing tool
  • Kom och lär dig koda - CoderDojo Malmö
  • SMWiCPH: Social Media Chat Bots – hvem taler du med?
  • SMWiCPH: Praktikernes 5 bedste tricks: Få kollegerne til elske social
  • SMWiCPH: Authenticity vs. Fake News on Social Media
  • SMWiCPH: Bring Your Tool
  • SMWiCPH: Bring Your Tool
  • SMWiCPH: Communicating on the Fly: Facebook Live Lab Beginner Tutorial
  • DI Byg ConTech
  • Customer Engagement Akademiet Meetup III
  • SMWiCPH: Buzzword Bingo
  • Meetup and Statistics Denmark
  • CodinGame - Workshop
  • Redux with Angular - AngularJS meet-up
  • Codher Pop-up Programming vol.8
  • Copenhagen Cocoa: February

Events for the Danish and Swedish startup scene in the Copenhagen region

We believe that sharing information about events is an important part in building a great danish / swedish startup community. Events are a way to meet other entrepreneurs and important people in the eco-system, they can create publicity about your startup, and they can be valuable occasions for gaining knowledge and insights.

Here we list events that we know about in the Copenhagen and Øresund region. If you are missing something, contact us and we will add it if it is relevant. Also, if you are a event organizer or an event-space that hosts many gatherings, talk to us and we can see if we can find a way to conviniently keep us up to date for each upcoming event.

Our hope is to be able to provide a comprehensive event calendar for any entrepreneur in the region: be it Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg or any of the other cities.

This calendar is actually made up of a couple of different calendars:

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