September 2018

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • Making Predictions Using Incomplete Data
  • Startup Coffee Malmö
  • Visionsfonden Open Sessions at THINK Open Space
  • Info event about open calls, BioInnovation Institute
  • Förtidsröstning på THINK Open Space
  • Workshop: Your first contribution to Open Source
  • AI-Problem solving, inspired by the brain
  • Get hands-on with IntegrationHub and Flow designer!
  • Startup Growth Hacking: The stuff they don't teach - SoMe + Video SEO
  • Data Natives European Tour, Copenhagen
  • Lessons from building a spam filter
  • Techfestival, Where Humans & Technology Meet
  • Frukost Mindpark Community
  • Købstædernes Forsikring - An Open Platform in Search of Innovative Solutions
  • Succesfuld implementering: Kan IT-systemer forbedre arbejdsmiljøet?
  • Kunstig intelligens: Tidens forskning og samarbejder
  • Techfestival Meetup: AI MEGA 2nd Edition
  • Techfestival Meetup: AI-Design Sprint - What can AI do for You?
  • Techfestival Meetup: Getting Friendly With Decentralized Web
  • Techfestival Meetup: Conveying Life under Tech - Perspectives from Media
  • Techfestival Meetup: Become A Futurist - Unlock Your Mindset!
  • Techfestival Meetup: Impact Investment in Africa
  • Democracy+Technology Cafe - online disinformation and manipulation
  • Techfestival, Where Humans & Technology Meet
  • Breakfast with Women in Entrepreneurship
  • Förtidsröstning på THINK Open Space
  • Techfestival Meetup: Mobility in Cities - Innovation or Preservation?
  • Gå-hjem-møde "Skab Succes med Datadrevet HR"
  • Open Hub at SUND Hub
  • Techfestival Meetup: Pitches & Drinks! Celebrate 10 Design-Driven Startups
  • Dribble X Techfestival X Iconfinder Copenhagen Meetup
  • Startup Mentors: Speed Matching
  • Techfestival Meetup: Hacking Your First Decentralized App
  • SPBG ERFA møde omkring Microsoft Teams og Office 365 Group
  • Techfestival Meetup: STARtup WARS - IT vs. Business
  • Techfestival Meetup: Conflict and Empathy in our Digital Work Lives
  • Techfestival, Where Humans & Technology Meet
  • System Center User Group Meeting - September 2018
  • ELSEWHERE: POP-UP Visionsfonden & THINK Open Space
  • Techfestival Meetup: Ethical AI Dilemmas of Tomorrow
  • Lost & Founders: Founded to Funded
  • Techfestival Meetup: The People’s Internet of Things
  • Techfestival Meetup: Blockchain - The Corporate Weapon Against Disruption
  • Techfestival Meetup: Danish Biotech Makers and Startups - What’s Next?
  • Techfestival Meetup: Fuckup Nights - Female Founders’ Fail Stories
  • Techfestival Meetup: Social Technologies of Cooperation
  • Techfestival, Where Humans & Technology Meet
  • Techfestival Meetup: Calling the Next Generation of Tech Entrepreneurs!
  • Techfestival Meetup: A Declaration - What We Want from Future Education
  • Techfestival Meetup: Me and the Algorithmic ‘Other’
  • Techfestival Meetup: Science ❤️ Art: Merging Two Minds
  • Techfestival Meetup: ML for Dummies
  • Techfestival, Where Humans & Technology Meet
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • SAP CodeJam Ballerup
  • Introduktion til Docker
  • ELSEWHERE: Snacka idéer m. Visionsfonden
  • What The Block #2: Blockchain & The Internet of Trust
  • Treton Pop-Up
  • Visionsfonden Open Sessions at THINK Open Space
  • EU-China Cleantech Competition 2018
  • Integrationslunchen
  • What is bluelight? Junk light explained and how to manage it
  • Copenhagen Coding Noobs #1 Noobs Unite: Start Coding
  • How to Effectively Implement Lean Startup
  • Tretorn Pop-Up
  • ELSEWHERE: Novischmässan Campus Helsingborg
  • CODE LUNCH - MINDPARK TECH w. tretton37
  • What We Mean When We Talk About Lean | Ester Gons & Timan Rebel
  • Odense Investor Summit
  • Ruby Talks Night at Karnov
  • Kreativ Machine Learning
  • Second Layer Solutions For Scaling Blockchains - DeCrypt
  • iPhone Event @ Shape
  • Blockchain Now and in the Future (with ARYZE and AnyLedger)
  • Communication for startups by Christopher Black - Symbion
  • ELSEWHERE: Women in Entrepreneurship Breakfast
  • Nordic.AI Health Summit
  • Lunciore LUNCH TIME!
  • CBS - startups pitch internships and student jobs
  • Open Hub at SUND Hub
  • Tech Talk #16: Insurance in The Future
  • ITU Innovators Meet n' Greet
  • Version2: Java - still going strong?
  • Downfall in cryptocurrencies - now what?
  • Communication for startups by Christopher Black - Symbion
  • EMS Heart Hack
  • Light Space:Textile Illumination - Seminar
  • Communication for startups by Christopher Black - Univate
  • EMS Heart Hack
  • Communication for startups by Christopher Black - Univate
  • EMS Heart Hack
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • Design process challenges for Mixed Realities - New Reality
  • FTMO Bootcamp
  • Startup Coffee Malmö
  • Innovation Skåne Coaching Session
  • Visionsfonden Open Sessions at THINK Open Space
  • Cowork Lunch for Mindpark coworkers!
  • Containers and Kubernetes: Data without limits
  • Investors meet LegalTech - LegalTek
  • Lunicore - Workshop om säljarstilar
  • Bliv klogere på Smart City i kommunerne
  • FTMO Bootcamp
  • DSG Talks - Startup experiences and Legal aspects
  • SUGMALMÖ @ Consid
  • Communication for startups by Christopher Black - Creators Floor
  • FTMO Bootcamp
  • Pier47 Sessions: Startup/corporate co-labs - finding the model
  • Symetri BIM Forum - København
  • Open Hub at SUND Hub
  • Malmö: Nurturing Good Habits, with Hampus Jakobsson, Øredev, and .TIBA demo
  • Git: One repo to rule them all?
  • Hands-on Web Hacking - SecuriTea
  • Data Science Meetup by RecdoTech
  • Communication for startups by Christopher Black - Creators Floor
  • FTMO Bootcamp
  • FTMO Bootcamp
  • Every week! StartupLabs
  • TechBBQ
  • PreSeed Academy #6 at TechBBQ - Is your startup investable?
  • TechBBQ
  • Visionsfonden Open Sessions at THINK Open Space
  • HIC at THINK Open Space: Drop-In Sessions!
  • Toastmasters HBG - Intro
  • Breakfast & Ideas - Terminens första!
  • Artificial intelligence Without the Buzz
  • Monsters and Mentors - a story of compassion in the workplace
  • DevOps in startups
  • First Ansible Meetup Copenhagen
  • Free Pass Day @ Mindpark
  • Danish Sound Day 2018
  • CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2018
  • Tech Talk #17: Time for a Change: Implementing AI Strategies in the FoodTech Sector
  • Data Driven: From Zero to One
  • Google and McKinsey: Leadership and strategy in the digital age
  • Getting Started With Neurofeedback: Peak Your Brain
  • CopenhagenJS: Developing with Ethereum and Blockchain

Events for the Danish and Swedish startup scene in the Copenhagen region

We believe that sharing information about events is an important part in building a great danish / swedish startup community. Events are a way to meet other entrepreneurs and important people in the eco-system, they can create publicity about your startup, and they can be valuable occasions for gaining knowledge and insights.

Here we list events that we know about in the Copenhagen and Øresund region. If you are missing something, contact us and we will add it if it is relevant. Also, if you are a event organizer or an event-space that hosts many gatherings, talk to us and we can see if we can find a way to conviniently keep us up to date for each upcoming event.

Our hope is to be able to provide a comprehensive event calendar for any entrepreneur in the region: be it Copenhagen, Malmö, Helsingborg or any of the other cities.

This calendar is actually made up of a couple of different calendars: