Silicon Vikings Copenhagen and Republikken organize their 5th start-up event where start-ups are being asked four burning questions regarding their entrepreneurial existence. This month, founder and CEO of Silver.Spoon Tiffany Ng will take the stage to answer questions about her company, plans, biggest obstacles, being an entrepreneur in Denmark, and on one topic of her choice.

Silver.Spoon creates unique (primarily gastronomy involved) experiences. It aims at creating “ephemeral performance pieces where chefs, menus, venues, and themes come together for single events before disbanding only to reappear elsewhere in various variations.” Their main focus is to remove the diner out of the traditional restaurant paradigm while providing some of the comforts of a traditional restaurant.

When: Thursday 7th of February 17:00 – 20:30
Where: Republikken, Vesterbrogade 26, 1620 København V, Copenhagen

The entrance to this casual after work event is free but signing up is required. More information about the event can be found here.