A little over a year from our start, we can proudly say that we have over 200 startups in our listing. And there are more – we know that the list probably is still missing startups, as we continue to receive mails and notifications from both newly founded but also
established startups.

As always, the definition of startup is hard to nail exactly. Our current definition is: a company with high growth ambitions, that is either bootstrapped or funded, and has not made an IPO or been acquired or a market cap of over €25M, and that is not too old (but no exact line is drawn yet, but 10 years or younger is a good guideline).

We use CrunchBase as a base for our listing, and filter the company profiles there. We found that a better solution then having a stand-alone database, as with CrunchBase there already where some startups registered there. Also, by adding as many startups from this region to CrunchBase we create better visibility for them as well internationally.

You can view our startup list here.

It is also possible to filter the list, and here are some interesting stats from it:

Total and funding:

  • Startups in total: 201
  • Startups that have received funding: 101(!)
  • Startups that are bootstrapped (no funding): 100


  • Biggest categories: Software (36), Mobile (23), Web (17), Enterprise (17)
  • Smallest categories (only 1 startup in each): Automotive (Bilprospekt), Messaging (heml.is), Music (Tunaspot)
  • Research heavy startups (cleantech & biotech): 12
  • E-commerce startups: 14
  • Video Game startups: 10
  • Hardware startups: 3


  • Copenhagen: 92
  • Malmö: 32
  • Lund: 22
  • Helsingborg: 8
  • Others (such as Lomma, Ballerup or Herlev): 21
  • No office location listed: 26

Explore the entire list here.

Is 200 startups a lot or few?

Hard to tell. Just checking CrunchBase and comparing to others then a search for 100 miles within Copenhagen gives roughly 160 startups (which seems correct as some have no office listed), compared to 100 miles around Stockholm (also 160 startups), Berlin (260 startups) and of course a lot less then Silicon Valley: 100 miles around San Francisco gives roughly 1000 startups.
So 200 here seems healthy, given that there probably still are many that we do not know about, and that our stats on CrunchBase might be somewhat better then average, as we try to push the use of it in the region.

Also very interesting is the fact that 50% of the startups we have listed have received funding. On top of that, there are probably more startups on the list that have received funding but not been public about it or not added that information to their CrunchBase profiles.

Your startup missing?

Are you missing something, or some data that is wrong? Help us improve it by editing the details on CrunchBase. And if your startup or you know of a startup is missing, let us know or add them directly to CrunchBase.