As many of you have noticed, the list of startups from the Greater Copenhagen region that we have on this site (which has over the years grown to 236 different startups) has lately not been very up to date. The problem has been that CrunchBase changed their API a (long) while ago, and our custom build plugin stopped working. As we are a volunteer driven website, we have had a problem of focus and time in order to get this fixed. And it has also been more then our own problems – CrunchBase did refuse us a free license, as they think we are a for profit (even though we explained that the ads we have a free for startups). So we could not reach an agreement with them. Therefor we have now rebuild our plugin, and are using AngelList instead – which has an opener access to their API.

New startup listing using AngelList

This means however we have had start from scratch, as AngelList does not contain as many startups. However, we hope this can be improved quickly, and are thankful for any help. If you are not on the list, or just added your startup to AngelList, let us know and we will add you to our list!

Just as before the listing can be sorted. You can browse startups based on what field they are active in. Also you can browse them on wether they have (reported) that they have received venture capital or not (However, see point below). You cannot sort them on city, but adress is listed, so by simply using your browsers “find” (cmd-F) function you can find them. The reason city is not perfect is that some are in places such as Frederiksberg, Lomma or other smaller parts of the region, which would be counted to Copenhagen or Malmö on an international perspective. Also, there are some problems with øæåöä in city names, which also makes it less accurate. Therefor you cannot sort on city automatically.

We need help

The biggest drawback with AngelList instead of CrunchBase is that it is not used as much, and not as up to date. If you have a startup in the region, and you are listed here, please update your info if you can. We assume it is rather a lot missing, especially funding, as currently less then 10% of the startups have funding, something we know is wrong (as many of the most prominent ones are listed as not having received funding).

How to become a part of the list

If your startup is missing from the list, then you can add it with 2 steps: 1) have your startup listed on AngelList 2) send us the link to us ( and we will add it to the list!

Why not build our own database

Since the beginning we have decided not to build our own database, which we could have done instead of going with CrunchBase. This because we have the goal of helping startups in this region. By “forcing” them to register with an international database for being listed here, we think it brings them and the region better exposure and makes it easier to find for potential investors. We still stand by this decision, even if it causes us headaches sometimes.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed already, and made this possible!