Rapidus reports that Lund-based gene editing service TIGERQ has been successfully raised nearly € 1 million (SEK 10 million) in their first official funding stage.

“We are incredibly grateful for the trust from our investors; they gave us the opportunity to deliver what we believe is the ultimate solution to the gene analysis field to potential customers,” says David Yudovich, co-founder of TIGERQ to Rapidus.

TIGERQ is a sample-to-analysis gene editing solution that combines proprietary sequencing algorithms with cost-effective and rapid turnaround sample processing services. The company works with commercialising services related to the Nobel-prize awarded CRISPR-Cas9 method.

Having spent years researching stem cells and their evolvement in the gene analysis field, David finds that all researchers face the same problem regarding the accuracy of their analysis. Thus, TIGERQ method was initiated to provide more precise analysis and minimize the risk of gene editing errors.

“We are very happy about the interest and support we have received with this investment. It is a fantastic result for a seed investment round for a company like ours that has such a complex technology. We will now be able to increase our sales efforts and product development to further validate our technology.” says David.

The company was established last summer and they will this funding to establish the sale department as they are expanding at a fast pace. The funding came from both Swedish and international investors.