E-handel.se just launched its new service for businesses called e-handel analytics. This service is based on Google analytics and gives e-commerce firms an insight in the e-commerce market.

As an e-commerce firm you might wonder why your sales went down over the weekend, how you are performing in relation to the industry, if you follow the market trend, or if there is something wrong with your business maybe? Google Analytics gives you the data of your webshop but it doesn’t give you information about industry wide statistics. Combining the data of various e-commerce firms can give the whole industry an extra insight. How are you performing and where is the the industry going? This insight is exactly what E-handel.se tries to deliver with their new tool; an industry benchmark for e-commerce.

The idea is insightful, but it can only be fully leveraged when many firms participate since they reflect the e-commerce market. E-handel.se writes that the data – which e-commerce firms voluntarily supply – will not be sold to other parties and that competitors cannot see your analytics, just key indicators for the industry or the segment the firms operate in.

If you want to know your traffic, page views, conversion, average order, mobile traffic and others in relation to an industry benchmark, then paricipate and support this great initiative!