E-handel.se is ready to take on the global e-commerce news with the launch of a new international website Ecomony.com, shared on news site’s webpage.

Since its creation E-handel.se has been a valued news service and a forum for the Swedish and Nordic readers, and the idea is to create the same value for the international audience with interest in E-commerce. The new website,therefore, has a global focus where all the news is reported in English.

Michael Wictor, CEO of Ehandel.se and now Ecomony.com, explains the choice to go global:

“E-commerce is international, and many of our members operate in the international markets. It is also close at hand for us to go international with our E-commerce index, where I think we will be able to see great synergies with Ecomony in terms of editorial content supported with good statistics and data.”

Of course, there are other actors writing about e-commerce, but according to Michael Wictor Ecomony will fill a unique media niche, bringing to the table a combination of extensive experience, ambition to help the industry advance forward and genuine interest in e-commerce.

“The goal is simple. We will become one of the leading news sites in the world for readers of news about e-commerce. It also means that our editors need to think more internationally and our presence and coverage of international e-commerce events must be improved.”

Although Sweden is not the main focus area for Ecomony.com , the team is excited to cover the stories about Swedish e-commerce companies who have a unique business idea and grow globally.