Innovestor, the Finnish venture capital fund, has raised a nearly DKK 700 million for its new Life Science fund, ILS. The aim of the fund is to expand its presence in the Danish market and to potentially create the next big success story in the Danish life science industry, also known as a “unicorn.”

Milla Koistinaho and Pekka Simula, Partners in Innovestor Life Science

“Denmark has some of the Nordic countries’ most recognized, innovative and international life science, tech and IT companies – just as you also have an extremely mature entrepreneurial environment. These special skills – combined with several budding startups within e.g. digital health – make Denmark an obvious market for us. Although we know that the competition is great, we believe that our expertise and our special entrepreneurial approach enable us to take up the fight to be the ones who help create the next Danish life science unicorn ”,

says Partner Pekka Simula about the foundation’s ambitions in Denmark.

The Innovestor Life Science fund, worth nearly DKK 700 million (€90 million), is a valuable source of support for startups that are struggling to secure investment and venture capital in 2023. Unlike many other venture capital funds that have limited access to capital, the Innovestor Life Science fund is ready to invest in promising prospects. This venture capital fund is unique as it specializes in investing in early-stage startups within the digital health, biotech, and medtech sectors. Denmark has a wealth of untapped entrepreneurial potential, and the Innovestor Life Science fund is well-positioned to take advantage of this, as demonstrated by its investment in Ward 24|7.