Fintech-startup Coinify has recoived an investment from SEB Venture Capital.

“Coinify is a blockchain payment company with the mission to bridge the gap between emerging blockchain and traditional finance industries. The fact that our current investors are joined by a classic, yet very visionary bank dating back to 1856, sends a strong message to both the banking and the blockchain communities. We plan to use this investment to sustain our leading position in Europe and expand our blockchain payment and trade products into Asia.” says Mark Højgaard, Co-Founder of Coinify

Coinify works with a payment solution for the digital payment form bitcoin and other digital currencies, as a blockchain payment service provider (bPSP). The startup has in 2014 gotten an investment from SEED Capital, and in 2015 the startup acquired the Dutch company Coinzone. Now SEB Venture Capital invested as well, $ 4 million (€ 3.5 million), in a series A investment. It can also be seen that SEB Venture Capital has a voting right of between 5 to 9.99 per cent, as of the 13 July this year, according to finanswatch that have kept an eye on the corporate database where the company’s registration information is to be found.

Also public is that Stefan Olofsson from SEB enters the board of directors of the company, according to the Central Business Register (CVR). He is the investment manager in the field of life science and technology in SEB and has been with the Group since 1987. He works at the office in Malmö with companies from both Sweden and Denmark. Before joining SEB Venture Capital in 2001, he worked as an account manager with business customers of SEB. Also, Investment Manager at SEB Filip Petersson has been appointed deputy director in Coinify. Learn more about that news on

Lars Andersen from Seed Capital has also got a role on the board, replacing Richard Breiter from Seed Capital, which has exited. Beyond them on the board Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer as President, he is senior vice president of mobile services at Nets, additionally Robert Stenholt Mygind, founder of the company Reepay and a Morten Kjærsgaard.