This is the crazy tech event space Foo Café’s column about what happens at their place.

We’re celebrating our 1024th event on May 10!
We will that day have two speakers from South Africa talking about “Diversity is the magic ingredient of building successful teams“. Come along, it’ll be a blast.

But there are plenty of other opportunities to grow your competence at Foo Café.

What’s happening this week:

– SecuriTea – focus on security from the developer’s point of view

Will be a very busy evening – six events almost at the same time (a Foo Café record):

– Product Tank – A new group for product owners. Tonight’s topic: “Creating value from customer opinions“.

CoderDojo –  we teach kids programming – we have doubled the number of classes and have two classes every Monday and Wednesday.

Patwic – where we teach young people advanced programming. This takes place every Wednesday.

– Skåne Python – Several Python war stories are presented, so if you are interested in what you can do with Python, please join us.

– #meraKrypto Syd – this meeting will focus on IT-security for the common man.

– A Voice Hackathon will take place on this evening.

What is a good tester, how do you find them? Come and discuss this at ConTest next meet-up.

Next week

Competence development and Recruitment is an afternoon event. Recruit through an internship.

Internet of everything – from “connected” to smart and secure is the focus on one of our evening events this Wednesday the second event is about …

Monads as Design Pattern – if you are into Functional Programming or want to know more about it, Please join. This will be fun.

– Last Thursday every month is time for entrepreneurs to meet entrepreneurs to share new ideas and thoughtsat Startup Dojo.

Happens in May

May 2 – Want to be a better speaker? – Malmö Toastmasters are doing their bi-weekly training session

May 3 – Change your perspective: Interaction with Open Data in VR

May 4 – The unsecure Internet of You, me and other Things

May 10 – 1K Event Celebration

May 17 – Requirements – half day at Lean Tribe Gathering

May 23 – Motivation 3.0 is here.

See you soon
Michael, Carina, Melinda & Jacob

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