There are plenty of opportunities to grow your competence at Foo Café.

What’s happening this week:

CoderDojo –  we teach kids programming – we have doubled the number of classes and have two classes every Monday and Wednesday.
Patwic – where we teach young people advanced programming. This takes place every Wednesday.

– Lunch – Get in shape with a training program for people with desk jobs at Funktionell Träning

– Evening – Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group seminar about the Seven Secrets of Maintainable Codebase

– Evening – Beacons and PhoneGap in Practice at the monthly MalmöJS group.

Geek Girl mini – For girls aged between 9-16, this time focusing on Quirkbots

Next week

FuckUp Nights are back, this time with a special event together with Internet i Fokus

– IoT Malmö are Tackling IoT with an industrial approach

– In co-operation with Doc Lounge we present the “A Good American” documentary, which tells the story of Bill Binney and his program ThinThread

– Spouse & Partner meet-up – this time are we looking into the Swedish Tax System

Focusing on Oden, a Functional Programming language build for the Go ecosystem.

Thursday morning
itSMF Sweden has a half day of seminars on Digitization and Service Integration

More in April

April 18 – Want to be a better speaker? – Malmö Toastmasters are doing their bi-weekly training session

SecuriTea is a group that focusing on software security. On April 19th is the topic Security in the wild – the developer’s point of view

Product Tank a group for Product Owners has their first meet-up on April 20. Topic: Creating value from customer opinions.

Skåne Python UserGroup will have their first meet-up this year on April 20

IT-security for everybody will #meraKrypto present on April 20

A Voice Hackathon will take place on the evening of April 21st

What is a good tester, how do you find them? Come and discuss this at ConTest next meet-up on April 21st.

The second event this month on Functional Programming will be on Monads as Design Pattern on April 27

Internet of Everything – from “connected” to smart and secure is presented on April 27.

And of course, on the last Thursday every month it’s time for Startup Dojo (April 28th)

See you soon
Michael, Carina, Melinda & Jacob