The is part of the bi-weekly posts from the event space Foo Café.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow your competence at Foo Café.

What’s happening this week:

Toastmasters where you become a better speaker

– What’s a graph database? If you don’t know, come to Neo4j’s presentation: Introduction to Neo4j

– The fourth meet-up for Spouses and Partners is about “Get Social i Malmö” – this event takes place in the afternoon.
– At 17.30, the first meet-up of a new user group:SecuriTea – focusing on security in software development. This first meeting is fully booked.

Startup Dojo – by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – tonight with two guest speakers Hanna Erlandsson and Rani Andersson. They will share their marketing experience from their time in New York.

Next week

CoderDojo –  we teach kids programming – we have now doubled the number of classes and have two classes every Monday and Wednesday.

– Tuesday morning is the Lean Tribe gathering focusing on Hardware and Software (in Swedish)

– Tuesday at 4pm is the first meet-up of Product People – focusing on how to work efficiently with a backlog (in Swedish).

– Wednesday evening JavaForum is back with a presentation about microservices with SnoopEE

– Thursday evening is once again time for MalmöJS – this event will focus on different CMS (Typo3 and WordPress)

– Friday lunch is the monthly Social Media Com event where we discuss Dark Social (in Swedish)

Pink Programming Sunday – where women learn to write software. Women of all (programming) skills and ages are welcome.

Later in March

Game Maker Discovery Day – Sunday (March 13th) is packed with interesting talks about Game development. Speakers from King, Massive/ubiSoft, Tarsier, etc. will talk about how Game Development works in the production of Candy Crash Saga, The Division, 3D animation, etc.

See you soon
Michael, Carina, Melinda & Jacob