The startup studio Djänke recently published this year’s first growth letter. The letter includes news about HittaHem, United Robots and Hoodin, who each has made significant progress in recent times.

Back in December, the long-running technical house Menmo changed their name to Djäkne. Djäkne is a startup studio focused on helping startups with early stage business- and product development. The house is placed at Djäknegatan 9 at the heart of Malmö.

At their official website Djäkne underlines that they are not a VC, an incubator or an accelerator program.

“We are a startup studio where we invest our own capital in startups and use our experience and network to grow them into successful companies. We measure our success in growing revenues in the companies and in how much fun we have together,” says Lars Widmark, CEO of Djäkne


The Malmö based real estate marketplace, have seen an astounding rise in turnover during the last year. Going from €2 million in 2014 to €33 million in 2015. The company has moreover hired six new developers, thereby doubling their technical department. HittaHem is however still searching for talented .NET backend, app developers and web frontend developers.


United Robots is a company that specialises in creating programs for text generation. Their first product is called Rosalinda and is a product that is able to write automated sports articles. The release has been followed by a big interest from the media industry and Mittmedia is already using the program for some of their titles.

United Robots are still developing Rosalinda and are therefore also looking for talented people to join their team. Further on in development Rosalinda is meant to work with other types of content and sports articles are therefore only the beginning of the product.


Hoodin is a company that specializes in creating content solutions for clients. The company have recently been contracted by a joint venture project between Region Skåne, Halland and Kronoberg.

The project is called Trails of Southern Sweden and it aims to collect content about the trails and visualize them via smart maps. Hoodin has both been contracted to collect the content and provide the front-end platform.

Trails of Southern Sweden is a truly massive endeavour. The client has estimated to save thousands of man hours per year by using Hoodin’s service. They simultaneously expect to an increased quality of content compared to traditional methods. The channels, site and apps will be launched in April.