Here’s a hot event to get fired up about: MINDFIRE, the weekly meetup for all you ‘founders-in-the-making.’ The meetup, based on the concept of idea pitching and co-founder matchmaking, first hit Copenhagen during early December of 2014 and is here to stay.

Let organizer Alexander Gotfredsen give you the 411:

“Mindfire is a meetup for people who have an ambition to start a company from scratch. Some of them are fairly new to the startup scene, others are much more experienced. Our goal is to create a forum where these people can get all their ideas out into the open and get some good feedback, and perhaps find a partner to start out with.”
These meetings mainly consist of pitching ideas, getting feedback and engaging in discussions, all of which will be done both collectively and in smaller, non-binding groups in order to really get to know each other. And you’ll be getting to know some pretty fantastic people, according to Alexander:
“What makes our meetup special is the very diverse backgrounds of people. We have members specializing in IT, communications, engineering, physical products, coaching, business development, and even more artistic things like painting and acting. Every meetup so far there has been a great engagement… I hope we’ll attract some curious people who are ready to inspire and get inspired.”

When?: Every Tuesday from 19.00 to 22.00

Where?: Hejrevej 30, 2400 Nørrebro, Copenhagen (see it on the map)

What?: Each week will vary slightly; the upcoming Tuesday the 13th is titled ‘Speed Idea Dating,’ and will introduce a new format to the meetings: starting with pitches, and ten going into a round of speed idea dating where everyone will have a given amount of time to talk to another person, rotating until eventually everyone has connected with everyone. The next  meeting, Tuesday 20th, will follow the usual format of  first pitching to the whole group, with time for questions to each presenter, and then choosing a pitch to work on during the evening.

Who?: This is for those of you who are dedicated to creating a startup, and who have the passion and determination to see the process through to the end. If you’re looking for a co-founder/co-founders with skills which compliment and dreams which match your own, this is the place to find them.

Sound good? Then what are you waiting for! Sign up here and take the first step on your startup mission.