The organizations involved in the FFWD Group represent the diverse and evolving start-up culture in Skåne. This region has always held its own as a unique and forward thinking community within Scandinavia. Both the incubator The Creative Plot and the media cluster Media Evolution are the initiatives for the community.

Ranging from intricate handmade textiles and furniture to some of the most advanced conceptual sound engineering, the members of FFWD use the techniques of new and old in harmony to develop thought provoking products and services. We create out of passion and love, which in turn results in products and services that are truly one of a kind. As a unified group, FFWD aims to collaborate and create with the international community, one city at a time.

On January 18th, the FFWD collective will be throwing an event in Berlin! This event will be the first step in attracting genuine Berliners to the Skåne market for collaboration and investment. The location is Spreegalerie Alexanderplatz and the theme is simple and honest: “Skåne loves Berlin”.

“This event will focus on the person-to-person connection, rather than the cliche of business-to-business. After all, it’s the personal aspect of business that solves problems and creates opportunities.”

The purpose of the event is to showcase, in an honest and innovative way, how Skåne and Berlin can work together to create awesomeness. The event itself will be focusing less on physical products and more on creating a good experience for our friends and guests. Communicating what makes Skåne different  will be crucial in appealing to the  Berlin community. Focusing on subtile values and cultural aspects to inspire visitors and create relations to want to work with Skåne companies and industry.

We want to give something to the Berlin, instead of just taking up space.

Are you in Berlin during the 18th of January? Sign up at and tell your friends!

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