In an ambitious move to address a global health concern affecting up to 25% of the population, Lund based startup Ironic Biotech has announced the successful closure of a €1M pre-seed funding round. The investment, led by Nordic Foodtech VC, will propel the company’s mission to provide a scalable solution to iron deficiency and anemia, a condition predominantly impacting women worldwide.

Ironic Biotech’s breakthrough involves the development of a new generation of plant-derived proteins that contain heme iron, known for its high bioavailability and lack of side effects. Produced through precision fermentation, these proteins can be integrated into foods or food supplements, offering an innovative and side-effect-free alternative to current iron supplements that are often associated with digestive issues and other adverse effects.

The company’s pioneering approach aims to fill a critical gap in the market for accessible and effective iron supplements.

“We want to help 2 billion people to prevent and recover from iron deficiency and anemia,”

says Dr. Nélida Leiva Eriksson, CEO and founder of Ironic Biotech

Dr. Eriksson, who herself has experienced the debilitating effects of iron deficiency, is determined to mitigate the performance gap attributed to iron loss, especially in women.

The quest for a sustainable iron supplement is also driven by environmental and health concerns associated with red meat consumption, traditionally considered the most significant source of iron. Ironic Biotech’s solution emerges as a timely response to the increasing adoption of plant-based diets, which, while beneficial for the planet, can exacerbate iron deficiency risks among women.

Louise Heiberg, Investment Director at Nordic Foodtech VC, highlights the significance of Ironic Biotech’s innovation in addressing iron uptake concerns and reducing red meat consumption. The early support from investors is crucial in building a strong foundation for the company’s success and scaling its impact.

Ironic Biotech’s proprietary compounds are designed to overcome the limitations of current iron supplements by offering a tasteless, stable, and highly absorbable iron source. This breakthrough promises to transform the food and supplement industry by making iron more accessible to those on predominantly plant-based diets and anyone struggling to maintain adequate iron levels.

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Nélida Leiva Eriksson, alongside Eskil Åhlin and Hans Holm, Ironic Biotech combines expertise in protein design, molecular biology, global business development, and innovation within the food ingredients and dietary supplement sectors. The team’s collective experience and dedication are poised to empower women and individuals worldwide, putting an end to the exhaustion associated with iron deficiency.

With this new funding, Ironic Biotech is set to expand its market presence, enhance its patent portfolio, and optimize production processes, laying the groundwork for partnerships within the food and food supplement industry. The future looks promising for those affected by iron deficiency and anemia, thanks to Ironic Biotech’s groundbreaking solution.