KirkeWeb, Denmark’s leading platform for managing church workflow, has appointed a new board that includes former CEO of Just-Eat Klaus Nyengaard. The hope is that stepping in as a chairman of the KirkeWeb Klaus Nyengaard will lead the company from entrepreneurial stage to international success story. At the moment the ambition is to capture German market during the upcoming fall with follow up deployment in England and other European countries in 2014.

“We have long been going through a growth stage marked by the Danish sales and we always knew that we were going abroad. Over the past few months we have gotten some customers in Germany and at the same time our sales have reached breakeven point. Now we know that there is a market we can bring value to,” says Christian Steffensen, CEO and founder of KirkeWeb to

According to Klaus Nyengaard KirkeWeb has a huge international potential and up 95% of sales could be picked up abroad. The work on internationalization will be supported by other board members Troels Falkenberg and Christian Hoffmann.

Christian Steffensen started KirkeWeb in 2009 while being a student. His mother, a pastor, missed some essential communication tools with the parish and he addressed this need by developing a website for a few churches. It soon became obvious that there was a vast array of unaddressed needs within the church communities.

Since 2009 KirkerWeb has grown. It now has 18 employees and is working to develop web solution for over 200 churches in Denmark and Germany. The uniqueness of KirkeWeb is that it helps churches to improve both external and internal communication and gives people a much simpler tool to engage in church activities.