Breaking news from Trendsonline, Danish entrepreneur Lars Dalgaard has stepped into the role of General Partner at one of the largest venture capital funds Andreessen & Horowitz. Lars built SuccessFactors from a small startup to a success – sold to SAP for several billion USD in mid 2011.

Lars is a unique annd perfect fit with the Andreessen Horowitz profile, as venture capital is not about models and theories, it is about execution, so Lars Dalgaard seems just right to become General Partner. For those not familiar with A16Z, think of names like Twitter, Facebook, Airbnb, and Foursquare, to get a feel for some of the companies they have been involved in.

It is really a great achievement for Lars, who started at CBS in Copenhagen, to position him in a central place in global startup environment. Not only that, hopefully the benefits feed back to Denmark, through some fantastic networking and knowledge opportunities he will no doubt build in this new leadership position.

Congratulations to Lars!

To learn more about the SuccessFactors story, check out this interview (in Danish) by Martin Thorborg with Lars Dalgaard before he sold SuccessFactors to SAP.